Monday, November 29, 2010

New Area

New adress

8100 Stone #307
Houston, TX

That's right a new area. I was shocked this week to receive a phone call on Tuesday from President Saylin. He talked to me for a few minutes and told me that he had an assignment for me to fulfill. He asked me if I would accept an assignment to go to the Broadway area. It was quite a shock. A few days before Thanksgiving in an area that I love and with a companion that I work great with. But the Lord had a different plan. One of the apostles once said that "this is not your mission, it is the Lord's." So things happen that don't make sense to the natural mind. But I know that the Lord is in charge of this work and that he will give revelation to those whom he has chosen to let them know His will. In this case President Saylin followed the Lord and has sent me where the Lord needs me to go. I already miss Pasadena. I border my old area so that makes me miss it even more. I pray that Pasadena keeps growing and building. This area has great hope for the future as well with many people who are prepared for the gospel.
I am now in Broadway. It is a fairly large area bordering on the east side the whole of Pasadena 1st ward. It is a little nicer in spots and also closer to the city on the other end. It is different and a lot more populated. I enjoy it from what I have seen of it so far. This area has had 21 convert baptisms in past year. That is quite a bit for this mission. I am so excited to be int his area and find more people who are prepared for the gospel. There are so many people who are sincere and willing to meet with us and listen to our message. We spoke to a man  this week on the street named Carlos. After talking with us for a few minutes he told us that he is interested in being baptized. Upon coming back and having our first lesson with him he told us that he knows there are things that he must do so that he will not continue in sin after baptism and will stay clean. He is making large strides and he is a sincere man. He is just one of the great people whom we have just met this week. There are people who we are working with and many others who we haven't met yet who we are excited to meet and help progress in the gospel.
My new companions name is Elder Walker. He has been out for about 8 months. He is a good missionary and loves the people. We both get along very well. He has my same dorky sense of humor. He is willing to work and we both are looking for ways to help this area explode. I am excited for the future. Sadly Elder Richardson however is no longer my companion. I will see him on Friday though so that will be sweet. He is a good guy.
We had a good Thanksgiving with the Sifuentes and Franklin families. The Franklins are wonderful. He is a temple worker and is so strong in the gospel. He told of his conversion story at dinner and it was awesome. He was looking for all of his life for the church which had prophets and apostles. Then he found it and followed it with all of his heart. There family is awesome. So loving and kind. The dinner was good too.  Yall know that I love turkey.
So it has been cold and rainy this week. it was really raining hard about 2 minutes ago but now has slowed down a little. It reminds me of home a little how the weather is here in the winter time.
Well I love yall and I hope that all is well. I care for you all and I wish that I really had time to write letters. I don't just say that I really never have any time. But know that I would write to you all if I had the time.

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