Monday, December 6, 2010


A cold week. The weather doesn't know what it wants at all. One day it gets up to 80 and you wake up the next morning and leave your apartment and it is in the 50's. It has been an unpredictable week for sure. You always have to pack some extra stuff in your backpack if it gets cold but you don't want to wear it out because it will be warm. So weird. I always liked that in Washington that when it was cold it was cold and when it was warm it was warm. Here it can jump so much from day to day that you never know what the next day is going to be like. And when people tell you what it will be like you can never trust it because the weather is usually wrong on their predictions. Anyone who lives by the coast knows that. It can change quick.

I love this place though. I miss Pasadena still but I love this area. There are so many people who are being prepared by the Lord and people who we are teaching that are prepared. I feel so blessed to be able to teach so many great people and help them on their path to get closer to Heavenly Father. We have a family that we are working with and the son is planning on getting baptized on the 18th. He is a great kid who shows obedience and is willing to do what is asked of him. He is aware of the spirit and is a good kid. i wish that I could of had the faith and spiritual sensitivity that he has at 9 when I was his age. I look forward to the day of his and his nephew's baptism. About the ages, I don't have time to explain. Luis is 9 and Sonny is 8. Luis is Sonny's uncle. Long story. Anyways, (Do I say that a lot?), I look forward to that day. They are great kids and their family is as well. There are so many people to talk about and so little time. We are working with many people and many who are prepared for the gospel. I love to have these people that we are teaching. Having people to teach is always a great feeling. Especially when they are so willing to follow the Lord.

A cool story from this week. We ate dinner with the Stanton family. With the Stantons who live with Sis. Stanton's mother. She is in her 90's. She talked to us at dinner about when she was a young member of the church. She knew every member that lived in the Houston area from part of Louisiana to Victoria. Now there are about three missions that cover that space. Which covers about 21 stakes if I am not mistaken. That blew my mind. I was totally shocked. The church has grown so much. It just makes me think that in 80 years there most likely will be at least 60 stakes in the area I have heretofore mentioned. That would be soo cool. To be a part of that expansion and helping all of those people is so cool. I love my mission and I love being able to help people do and follow what matters most.

love yall and have a great week,



If Brother Brett Jensen is reading this congratulations on the engagement. Also Elder Breeze says congrats.

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