Friday, July 30, 2010

BAY CITY: The Movie

July 26

About the title. I wish it were true.
This week in church we talked about the pioneers and about people who have made big pioneering efforts for the church. There were a lot of really funny and interesting stories but my favorite was a story about how the members got the land for the church.
Many years ago there was a branch in the little town of Bay City. They started to grow and eventually needed a meeting house. So they started looking for land to purchase to build the church on. There was a perfect area of town just outside the center of town. It was in a great location and would not be on the main street but it would not be too far from the center of town. However this piece of land was owned by an old lady who would not sell the land to the members of the church. The members went over constantly to try to persuade her to let them buy the land. The woman would always refuse saying that the land was given to her as an inheritance and she would not sell it. The members strongly felt that this is where the church building was to be built. This happened for some time. The members were willing to pay a very reasonable price for the land but still the woman would not sell. So one day, one of the members who goes over frequently to try to purchase the land wanted to go over top talk to lady and was determined to purchase the land. He went up to the door and knocked. The same thing happened that always happened. She would just not sell it. Before leaving the member said that if she would not sell the land then something bad would happen. She would not listen.
The member now tired of his seemingly useless efforts returned home. Upon arriving at home he received a phone call from the old lady who refused to sell the land. She told him that she was going to sell them the land. He asked why the sudden change of heart. She told him that after he left a storm came through. A lightning bolt struck the dry grass and lit the field on fire. The field they wanted to buy was now completely burnt away. So she sold them the land and the church now stands in the field where this occurred. And that is how Bay City got it's church building.
Now to the missionary work. My bike is up and running again thanks to a great member. He fixed my bike for free and put some new nice parts on it to help it run better. He is really good at riding bikes. He rides with a group and last week went 105 miles without having to stop. He is pretty intense when it comes to biking. That family is hilarious as well. They have the same humor that I do and like the stuff I do. Pretty funny.
Anyways, this past week was really good. We found more people and taught some great lessons. We had a missionary with Elder Cayas and I for a few days. His name is Elder Richardson. He is in Victoria and he was with us because his companion was in Sugar Land for meetings back and forth for a few days. He is a great missionary. So it was a little different having another missionary in our companionship for a few days. But this week we had a number of very special and spiritual lessons. I am so privileged to be able to be a member of the true church and have all the answers to the questions that are on people's minds. It is such a blessing. So many people have so many questions about the purpose of life and many other things that you just can't find answers for unless you are talking about the restored gospel. I love it so much. Many people just do not understand how true, real, and applicable the gospel really is. But when you apply it to your life and truly live the gospel then your life changes. You can tell. The gospel is true. I know it is. Know, not believe.(ALMA 32)
The work goes wonderfully. Elder Robertson is home now. He got home July 21st. He is going to school in Wyoming for a year then back to Saint George, Utah. Then Elder Jensen will be going home the end of this transfer in 4 weeks. Everyone is leaving me. I don't like being the old or older missionary. I don't feel like I have been out for a year and three months. It's crazy. I don't like thinking about it. I wish it will never end. There is nothing I wish I could be doing more than inviting people to be truly happy. Mission = THE BEST.
So that is my life. I like it. I hope you all have a great week. LOVE YALL,


July 19

This week there have been a couple of interesting things. We have found a lot more people to teach. We are trying to constantly find more people to help and teach about the gospel. Bay City is small but the people are nice and willing to talk with us. Some of the past missionaries really set a good example for the people in the area and it helps people be more open to talking with us. The only problem about Bay City is that it is filled with churches and other beliefs. Most people have been raised in these churches and have never experienced something else. It becomes a tradition or something your raised with and then they don't want to change. But the people have a strong belief in God and The Savior.

So this week on Sunday something really funny and surprising happened. Elder Caya's Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and Grandmother showed up to church. They live in San Antonio about 2 hours away. Elder Cayas emailed them and told them not to come and visit him on his mission and that the mission president was going to let them see him at the end of his mission. But they showed up to the one place that we can't run from. The Church. They stayed through church and took 3 pictures afterward then left. They also brought him a bunch of Philipeno food. It was actually really good. Anyways he was in shock because that is not supposed to happen and all the members saw them. They were even relatives on his father's side so their last name was Cayas. Luckily the member's didn't judge him. They understood that he really didn't have anything he could do but to talk to them and stay at church. He wished they would not have come but he did like to see family none the less. He has talked with them a lot over the phone but never met them in person besides his grandma and uncle.
So there is the most exciting story from this week. Soooo funny. But Elder Cayas is a good missionary and it isn't making him trunky.
The church has a set of DVD's called "THE DISTRICT." It has been around since 2004. I think. Anyways it talks about how to use preach my gospel and how to be a missionary. It follows real missionaries teaching real people. Like a reality TV show. But it's a little different. Anyways The District has been around for a while. They just came out with the District 2. San Diego mission. The first district is as if everything goes perfect and the missionaries are robots. But the ditrict 2 follows missionaries how they really are. They followed pretty good or ok missionaries instead of the 6 most perfect missionaries like the first district. If you know any R.M.s tell them about it and that they have to see it. It is awesome.
I need to quite saying awesome and anyways.
It has been hot and humid and rainy. at 12:00am it will be 93 then it will rain and two hours later be 81 then by the time the rain goes away by 5:00 it will be back to about 91 plus 89% humidity. So rain cooled you off a little but after it passes things get worse. Many storms have been rolling over us so they look scary and big and thunderous but we don't get hit by most of them being so close to the coast. Yep rain. Yep.....
My bike is being fixed by a member who is way cool. It made me a little sad last time we went over there last week. They have the exact taste of TV and comedy especially as I do. They were talking about Firefly, Arrested Development, and Strong Bad emails when we got there. I miss that stuff. But I really am not going to care about it as much when I get home. I got a letter from Elder Garcia telling me that life at home stinks compared to life in the mission field. I have heard that it just isn't as cool and the work you are doing isn't as eternally important. I love being on a mission. This week went by WAY TOO fast. But that is good. It means that you are busy and keep busy.

I love you all and I hope that all goes well wherever you are.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have a new companion. His name is Elder Cayas. He is from the Philippines. He speaks Tagolag, Mandarin Chinese, and English. He is really cool and a nice companion. I was sad to see Elder Hansen go but Elder Cayas is a good Elder. Elder Hansen is in Herman Park(Houston). Basically a part of Houston. He is going to like it there. He does already miss Bay City though. I would too. This is a good place.

So more about Elder Cayas. this is his first time in America. He got to the MTC in December and was there 3 months learning Chinese. He is here in Bay City were there are hardly any Asian people. Anytime we see someone Asian he tries to talk with them hoping that they are Philipino or Chinese. He is a good missionary and a hard worker. He loves the people already and he will be a great companion. I would be lying however if I said that I did not miss Elder Hansen. He is a good friend and one of my best friends I have ever had. President Saylin told me yesterday that he feels like we will be serving around each other again in the future. I sure hope so. If I could pick any missionary to be the one that kills me I would want it to be him. (Kill is a term for the missionary that is with you in your last transfer in the mission.) But luckily Elder Cayas is a good man and we already get along great. I never thought I would like rice this much but he makes it really good. I am not the best cook but he is real good.

So some big stuff in the ward here. This week all of the youth in the stake are going to be gone to Youth conference. It is a week long and they are taking buses up to Navoo. Pretty cool. They will be back on Saturday. So alot of the sisters in the ward are going as chaperones and to run it. So that means not alot of meals this week because the brothers don't cook that much or work. But not everyone is gone. Our investigator, Daniel, got permission to go on the trip with the youth. He is 17 and he is gunna love it. He is a great kid with a stronger testimony than many people. He is even an example to me at times. He has great faith.

My birthday went well. I received some packages as well as some really great cards and letters. Thank you everyone who sent me something. I loved it all. Hopefully Mama's birthday went well as well as Jared's today. Wish him a happy birthday if you haven't. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

This week our apartment was inspected. We weren't that scared because it was pretty clean. Imagine that. Elder Marr clean. But it was clean. Elder and Sister Dunning are couple missionaries and take care of the apartments and inspect them. They are really funny too. They took us out to lunch afterward. Anyways that stuff isn't that cool. I thought it was but for normal people it isn't that cool I bet.


Our gospel principles teacher is a nice guy and a good teacher. However he is really nerdy. I mean that in the nicest way possible. He is just a little geeky. Anyways he wares glasses and always talks about deep things or scientific looks on things. Anyways, we go over to his house because he is the person to turn to when you have a bike problem. So we went over and knocked on his door. We had tried to call before but nobody picked up the phone, so we just stopped by to see if he was home. We knock. Then he answers the door. He just got back from biking so he is wearing under armor. He is ripped! Elder Cayas and I were shocked. Upon leaving his home we both said that we have found a real life Superman. (Except his glasses were on.) It was really Superman. I am still shocked at what I saw. Then on Sunday he told us that he went for a 100+ mile bike ride with some other people on Saturday. THAT IS AMAZING!!! I wish I was that good on a bike.

Besides all of that stuff the usual. We taught a couple of good lessons and we are teaching some new people. Today earlier we painted a kitchen with some other people and helped them out. It took a while but it was fun. I like to paint. It really doesn't bother me all that much. I would rather be a painter than work at a fast food restaurant if that is all that is available when I am forced to go home.

There was more that happened this week but I can't remember. I wrote it all down in my planner but I left that at my apartment. Sooooo this week's email will not have alot of great stuff. Next week I will try to remember to send an email with more stuff from this past week.

love yall and have a great week,


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not much new

This past week was the coolest rain I have ever been in. we got a little of the runoff from the hurricane that hit Mexico. So it rained a lot. We had a little flooding and all that. We were actually knocking on door for 2 hours when the rain was the worst. the water got up about a foot on the streets. It was crazy. I have never been that wet and not cared before. I figured I was going to be soaked so no reason to try and stay dry. It was fun but nobody let us in to talk to them because we were so wet.
Really this week was pretty normal. Nothing out of the normal besides the rain. Life is good. we have been trying to find some new people to teach which is going pretty well. The youth down here next week will be going to Navoo in a bunch of buses for youth conference. Which means that half the ward is going to be chaperones. So meals will be little next week. My companion and I are doing very well. We are trying to stay out of the heat that has randomly appeared after the rain. Yesterday was 97. It was hot. I wish it didn't get so hot but that is just part of Texas.
We are teaching a new lady named Charlotte. She is way nice and kind. We set an appointment with her and she told us she had somewhere to go. Then we came back later when she told us to and she wasn't there so we left a note. We had a few more people to try in this apartment complex so we walked around talking to a few people. Then we felt like we should go back and knock on her door. She answered and told us that she prayed and asked God to send us back to her if she needs to hear what we have to say. It was a really good lesson and she is a really sincere person. I look forward to being able to teach her more.
This week has been filled with deep doctrine. I love deep doctrine but it is mostly unimportant things. But we have some members here who know more about the gospel than i think anyone I have ever met before in my life. It is crazy. The gospel has so much that you can look into if you want but you have to look for it. That is what I love about the gospel. It is simple or as complex as you want. Hours upon hours can be spent studying a simple principle if you want to go deep enough.
Anyways on to more important things. My life is good. I am excited for my birthday this week on Saturday. I think I might go out to eat lunch or something. It will be fun. Birthdays are different on the mission. Not as exciting. You don't really do much different.
Well sorry this was so boring. My life really is good there just isn't that much to talk about that is new this past week. I love you all and I hope that this week goes well for yall.