Monday, November 15, 2010


This is the first time on my mission that the whole district has stayed together. We thought that some of us were gone for sure. But we are all together. I am sooo happy. This district has been one of my favorites. They all love to study and love the gospel so much. I have learned a lot from their examples and their knowledge of the doctrines of the gospel. I am sooo happy that we will be staying together for at least one more transfer.
This week has been crazy. The weather has been just like Washington. Cold and rainy and overcast. It is highly abnormal for the weather to be the way it is here in Pasadena. I have enjoyed it. Makes me feel like I'm at home. Plus no humidity. That has been a huge bonus. The rain though does get cold. I wish it didn't rain as much as it is has been. I don't mind it, but I do when I am on a bike.
This week we had several exchanges. Elder Oliver spent a day with me because Elder Richardson had an interview in Sugar Land. We had a good time and taught some great lessons. I love Elder Oliver and I look forward to hanging out with him after the mission. Utah is filled with so many of my close friends. I have also been hearing from Elder Jensen. My companion in Angleton. He is doing well and is planning on going to school. I heard from him last week.
On another exchange we exchanged for 48 hours. It was with the Broadway North missionaries. Elder Breeze was with me. He trained Elder Richardson. He is a good missionary and we clicked. I had a great time.
To be honest I spent all of my time in other emails and my email to the mission president so I have no time left. This past transfer it has been one of the greatest of my mission. The people are progressing and we have to much to do. So many things that we still must do to expand the kingdom of God here in Pasadena. I pray that this transfer goes as well as this past one. I love how much work we are doing and how much we have been able to accomplish.
Even though you all really don't get what I have done this week it was a good week. It would take far to long to say everything. I look forward to being able to share stories when I get home and have time to talk.
On my exchange with Elder Breeze we taught a man that has such a good heart. His health has been very bad lately and he is doing his best to follow God. It strengthens my testimony to see someone so service oriented even when he has every right to sit and not meet with us or at least to do nothing. He gave us a pint of ice-cream each that he had picked up just for us to have. He does not have much money, his health is bad, he is older, and he went out of his way to do something for us. The greatest attribute of all is love. He didn't take thought for himself but for us. I wish that I could have more of the love that this man showed to me.
I love yall,

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