Monday, February 22, 2010


This week it has been pretty good. we had interviews with President Saylin. He is a great guy and we had a good interview. Our mission has been focusing on talking to 70 people a week each so 140 a companionship and it has been tough. It is good though and we testify alot. it is good to try not to let one soul go and try to talk with everyone.

It has been colder this week again and isn't supposed to warm up any time soon. It is weird that this winter has been so cold. It usually doesn't get this cold in the winter. In the day it doesn't get that cold but in the evenings it gets alot colder and you have to wear gloves and everything.

We have talked to alot of great people this week. There are several people who we have been teaching for a while that are doing really well. One of them gave out a Book of Mormon to her friend and testified of it. That is always cool. It has been harder to teach our regular people this week because many of them are busy and will be busy this week as well. with he economy the way it is people are just trying to keep their jobs. Also NASA is the main employer of most of Friendswood and one of their projects was just rejected by the government so thousands of people will be losing their jobs soon. It is going to be tough.

THANK GOODNESS FOR THE GOSPEL!!! It helps people out so much. It brings so much comfort to those that stand in need of comfort.

This week i was with one of the zone leaders Elder Maw and also Elder Wang. We had a good time and talked to alot of people. This weekend it seemed like there were more people around than usual. We did attend a baptism on Saturday and it was spiritual. He is a member but she is not and he was not active in the church for over 20 years. Their home teacher went over there at least once a month every month for 20 years. Now he is back active in church and she has joined the church. Alot of her family was there that were not members of the church. She stood up at the end of the service and testified that she can feel the difference and wished she had not put this off for so long. the spirit was strong and her family was touched. It was a great experience.

This week I learned alot of new things that I have been wondering about. I have always wondered what the Dead Sea Scrolls had on them and I found an older ensign article about the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was very interesting. The people who had the records were alot like the Lutheran Church in a sense. They noticed that things had been changed from the way it should have been done and tried there best to get it back to were it was supposed to be but with out priesthood authority couldn't fully do it. It was very interesting to see some of there practices and there worship. I suggest whoever is interested to research it.

Anyways back to my actual life. Things have been pretty good this week. We have a member of the quorum of the 70 coming. His name is Elder Zwick. I have never heard of him before but I look forward to hearing him speak. we will be meeting with him next week. i look forward to talking about that in my next email. I loved hearing from Elder Costa, those months ago. The general authorities of the church are wise men who love the Lord and who are not afraid to have a sense of humor.

This week has been very good. This week I have felt the spirit very strongly and through obedience I have felt more of the spirit in my heart softer but for a longer period of time. It is hard to explain but i have had a really great feeling week.


Elder Devon J. Marr

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The past two weeks

I know that I didn't give an update last week and this weeks update will be very short. I have been busy with more important things and personal matters. I do want to say that life is going pretty well here in Texas. We have alot of people that we have been teaching and talking to the past two weeks. One lady we talked to told us last week that she would read the book of Mormon by today. We are goin over there to follow up with her about that. The Book of Mormon is one of our greatest tools. It will bring more comfort and more support than anything that I can think of. It testifies of Jesus Christ and gives us another witness of his reality. I have found alot of support from this "book". With everything that I have I encourage you all and invite you all to read it and to pray and ask God if the book is true. Even if you have received an answer it does not matter. I pray about the book on a frequent basis. I have learned more from it and changed more because of it than anything else in my life. It will only make you a better person. It will only make you happier. And it will only bring more peace into your life. The Book of Mormon is God's word to us and is true.

These past two weeks Elder Robertson and I have had alot going on. We moved into our new apartment and we are more central in our area. We taught a couple when we first got here and they were not very interested. But recently they have been coming to church and have called us to come and to teach them again. You always hope that this will happen and with them it has.

We had a little scare on Thursday this past week. Anyone who has served a mission will know how intense this is. So Thursday is our planning day and Elder Robertson and I are not bad at planning. We are doing our planning session when we get a phone call. It is President Saylin. He tells us that he is at the church building and would like to come over to sit in on our planning session. We were so nervous. We had no ides this was going to happen. So he came and it wasn't as scary as we thought. It was actually very good. he brought us lunch and everything. President Saylin is a great man and a great leader of the mission. He encouraged us to try to talk to 10 people a day each and to never let a week go by that we didn't talk to 70 new people. We have interviews with him this week and he is a wonderful man.

I am sorry that I did not write much. I am keeping busy and we are finding alot of people and teaching alot of people. I love Friendswood and I will try to send a better email next week. I love you all and I encourage all of you to find comfort in the Lord and in his words.


Elder Devon J. Marr

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We moved into an apartment this is my new adress

1302 E. Broadway #507
Pearland, TX

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My week

It’s cold again. It warmed up last week and the beginning of this week but it has been cold the past few days. It also rained last night so it is really cold and wet. I actually prefer the colder weather as opposed to the weather in the summer.

SO my bike is terrible. It has been handed down for at least 5 years and is just terrible. Luckily there is a member who just got home from his mission who gave me his bike. It is really nice. He has only ridden it 3 times and just gave it to me. I am really appreciative of him and what he is doing for me. The bike is a lot nicer and works a lot better.

We have two new missionaries in our district. Elder Wang, who was one of Elder Robertson’s companions in Angleton. He is cool. It’s not common to see a 6”4 Chinese guy. And Elder Roberts. Him ad his twin brother are both in this mission. He is a nice guy and a good leader who wants us to be the best we can.

Church was really good this week. Brother Shefield talked about how if you do something one way then you will always get the same results. For better or for worse. He is a great guy and the other two talks were really good. I have really enjoyed this ward. They all are intelegent and have done a really good job in their callings. Also there are a lot of good people whi are reverant but not afraid to have fun. It is a great ward.

This week our ward mission leader’s wife’s dad passed away. The funeral was actually a really good experience. There were a lot of non-members there and the ward mission leader and the bishop talked about the restoration of the gospel and the plan of salvation. I know that it touched some of them and it is a good thing to let others know that families can be together forever.

This week I don’t have much to talk about. I do want you guys to know something that is not that cool. So the only letters that I have received have been from Blaine, Danielle, and the “dear elder” letters. I have heard from some of you that you have sent letters but until I said you could send the letters to the member’s house again I have not received anything else. So if you have sent me a letter and I have not written back then that is why. I am sorry and will try to respond to the letters I do receive.

Yall have a great week and I will send another email next week.

Love ya,

Elder Devon J. Marr