Monday, November 29, 2010

New Area

New adress

8100 Stone #307
Houston, TX

That's right a new area. I was shocked this week to receive a phone call on Tuesday from President Saylin. He talked to me for a few minutes and told me that he had an assignment for me to fulfill. He asked me if I would accept an assignment to go to the Broadway area. It was quite a shock. A few days before Thanksgiving in an area that I love and with a companion that I work great with. But the Lord had a different plan. One of the apostles once said that "this is not your mission, it is the Lord's." So things happen that don't make sense to the natural mind. But I know that the Lord is in charge of this work and that he will give revelation to those whom he has chosen to let them know His will. In this case President Saylin followed the Lord and has sent me where the Lord needs me to go. I already miss Pasadena. I border my old area so that makes me miss it even more. I pray that Pasadena keeps growing and building. This area has great hope for the future as well with many people who are prepared for the gospel.
I am now in Broadway. It is a fairly large area bordering on the east side the whole of Pasadena 1st ward. It is a little nicer in spots and also closer to the city on the other end. It is different and a lot more populated. I enjoy it from what I have seen of it so far. This area has had 21 convert baptisms in past year. That is quite a bit for this mission. I am so excited to be int his area and find more people who are prepared for the gospel. There are so many people who are sincere and willing to meet with us and listen to our message. We spoke to a man  this week on the street named Carlos. After talking with us for a few minutes he told us that he is interested in being baptized. Upon coming back and having our first lesson with him he told us that he knows there are things that he must do so that he will not continue in sin after baptism and will stay clean. He is making large strides and he is a sincere man. He is just one of the great people whom we have just met this week. There are people who we are working with and many others who we haven't met yet who we are excited to meet and help progress in the gospel.
My new companions name is Elder Walker. He has been out for about 8 months. He is a good missionary and loves the people. We both get along very well. He has my same dorky sense of humor. He is willing to work and we both are looking for ways to help this area explode. I am excited for the future. Sadly Elder Richardson however is no longer my companion. I will see him on Friday though so that will be sweet. He is a good guy.
We had a good Thanksgiving with the Sifuentes and Franklin families. The Franklins are wonderful. He is a temple worker and is so strong in the gospel. He told of his conversion story at dinner and it was awesome. He was looking for all of his life for the church which had prophets and apostles. Then he found it and followed it with all of his heart. There family is awesome. So loving and kind. The dinner was good too.  Yall know that I love turkey.
So it has been cold and rainy this week. it was really raining hard about 2 minutes ago but now has slowed down a little. It reminds me of home a little how the weather is here in the winter time.
Well I love yall and I hope that all is well. I care for you all and I wish that I really had time to write letters. I don't just say that I really never have any time. But know that I would write to you all if I had the time.

Monday, November 22, 2010

HUO JI DAY!!!!!!!

Cold, hot, cold, hot cold, cold, cold, hot. The weather here will not calm down. It won't make up its mind either. I never thought that the temperature could be in the high 70's low 80's and then you wake up the next day and walk outside and it is in the 50's. It has been crazy. You never know what to prepare for. It could be anything. today it is in the 70's but it is extremely humid. So weird. Texas just wont calm down. It keeps life exciting though.
This past week was a good one. Elder Richardson got sick though which was not so good. He is doing better now. Luckily I haven't cough what he has yet and he has been sick for a few days. My immune system is pretty strong so I hope that I can fight off whatever is in the air. He has been pretty messed up the past few days. But like I said he is doing good now. It is starting to go away. Besides his sickness there have been a lot of people getting sick. Probably because of the crazy weather. Who knows.
This week we had a fireside in Friendswood. It was really great. The speakers were wonderful and hearing their testimonies always touches my heart. Being in the Friendswood building also touched my heart. As we drove through Friendswood on our way to the church my mind went back to one year ago when I first arrived in Friendswood. The memory of eating Thanksgiving dinner at the Livesay home is still fresh in my memory. It literally feels like last month. I can remember the food and where I sat at the table. It is such a strong memory and it feels so recent. My life seems to be flashing before my eyes. Not that I am dying but that time just goes fast. I ,almost can't believe that it was a year ago that I was in Friendswood. I spoke to the missionaries who are currently serving in Friendswood and spoke to them about the work that was going on there and I asked them how the a family that I worked with while I was there were doing. They made me feel such joy when they told me that they are extremely active in the church. It made me so grateful that the Lord has giving me these experiences in my life to be able to help others join the church and receive testimonies of their own. I am so grateful that I am able to be out here sharing the gospel and doing what matters most for these people.
With Thanksgiving this week I want to end my email with some of the things that i am most grateful for. I am so grateful above all else that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for me. That because of him and what he has done that I can be forgiven and that I can change my ways and be able to live with God forever. The fact that someone loves me so much that he was wiling to take upon himself all of my pains and all of my problems and help me with them. I am also so grateful that I know the truth and that I have been privileged to be a member of Jesus Christ's church. What a blessing as well to have direction from Him through prayer and through a prophet. I know that this is the true church and that you can get closer to God by following the teachings of His church than any other way. This is the Church of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful that I have it in my life.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This is the first time on my mission that the whole district has stayed together. We thought that some of us were gone for sure. But we are all together. I am sooo happy. This district has been one of my favorites. They all love to study and love the gospel so much. I have learned a lot from their examples and their knowledge of the doctrines of the gospel. I am sooo happy that we will be staying together for at least one more transfer.
This week has been crazy. The weather has been just like Washington. Cold and rainy and overcast. It is highly abnormal for the weather to be the way it is here in Pasadena. I have enjoyed it. Makes me feel like I'm at home. Plus no humidity. That has been a huge bonus. The rain though does get cold. I wish it didn't rain as much as it is has been. I don't mind it, but I do when I am on a bike.
This week we had several exchanges. Elder Oliver spent a day with me because Elder Richardson had an interview in Sugar Land. We had a good time and taught some great lessons. I love Elder Oliver and I look forward to hanging out with him after the mission. Utah is filled with so many of my close friends. I have also been hearing from Elder Jensen. My companion in Angleton. He is doing well and is planning on going to school. I heard from him last week.
On another exchange we exchanged for 48 hours. It was with the Broadway North missionaries. Elder Breeze was with me. He trained Elder Richardson. He is a good missionary and we clicked. I had a great time.
To be honest I spent all of my time in other emails and my email to the mission president so I have no time left. This past transfer it has been one of the greatest of my mission. The people are progressing and we have to much to do. So many things that we still must do to expand the kingdom of God here in Pasadena. I pray that this transfer goes as well as this past one. I love how much work we are doing and how much we have been able to accomplish.
Even though you all really don't get what I have done this week it was a good week. It would take far to long to say everything. I look forward to being able to share stories when I get home and have time to talk.
On my exchange with Elder Breeze we taught a man that has such a good heart. His health has been very bad lately and he is doing his best to follow God. It strengthens my testimony to see someone so service oriented even when he has every right to sit and not meet with us or at least to do nothing. He gave us a pint of ice-cream each that he had picked up just for us to have. He does not have much money, his health is bad, he is older, and he went out of his way to do something for us. The greatest attribute of all is love. He didn't take thought for himself but for us. I wish that I could have more of the love that this man showed to me.
I love yall,

Monday, November 8, 2010

A week!? It felt like a day to me!

This week went by faster than any week I have ever had on my mission that I can remember. It slays me how fast this past week went and the many things which happened. There have been so many things happening that it seems out of the norm if we have a normal week. I love it.
This week our car had some troubles. We had to take it into the Toyota dealer in Sugar Land. One hour away. On the highway to the dealership it broke down and the alternator stopped working. Luckily we were next to an off ramp. So we exited the highway and coasted to a business parking lot. We had a tow truck pick us up and take us there. Our whole Tuesday was shot but it was an interesting day.
Our ward had a huge Thanksgiving dinner at the church on Sunday. I love turkey. Always have and always will. It was a great dinner. Most of the ward showed up for it and we had a good time. I really like this ward even though i do not know many of them very well. Most of the ward lives in the other Elders area. I do like the members though. There are a lot of couples in the ward and families that you would not guess to be husband and wife. It is really cool. Everyone is very different from one another but all seem to get along just fine.
I don't have too much time this week so this will be one of my shortest emails. P-day is always a rush. Our plan for this week is to actually do something other than chores or all the other stuff we have to take care of. I love you all and I hope that this week goes well for you all. I know that this church is true and I know that Thomas Monson is a true prophet and that the twelve apostles are really God's apostles. They either are or they are not. I know that they are. This is not just a church. It is so much more than just a church. It is a way of life. I love you all and I exhort you all to read the Book of Mormon and really ponder it's message when you read. And then to pray about it. It is the word of God.

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Have no fear Silvano is here!"

This week was a pretty good one. It was a busy one that's for sure. It seems like time doesn't exist and you are always doing something or have something that is taking your time. We have not stopped going for a while now. There is never a pause. Take this morning. We go to take our laundry to a washateria and our car starts acting weird. We lose power steering and then it starts going in and out of power. We eventually get it close to our apartment and push it into the lot. The battery was leaking acid, and we were stuck. So we called upon the great Brother Dimmick. The Dimmick's house the south Elders, so he came with the south Elders and we got the battery out and took it in. They ran tests on it and an hour later we received a new battery. By the time it was all said and done it was about 12:50. Crazy. Not even P-day is a safe day anymore. But today we are going to head down to League City for our Zone activity. So that will give us some time to play.
This week went well like I said. We had a stake conference with Elder Roberts of the Seventy and the Saylins. It was great. The children were really loud in our section so it was hard to hear but overall it was a good conference. Then later that night we had to go in early. Nothing too exciting on Halloween. One of our investigators has a nice motorcycle and he dressed up like a zombie ghost rider and was scaring a bunch of kids. That was pretty funny. He has a good heart though. He hates making kids cry, but he loves to shock them or creep them out momentarily.
So I know that this email is very short but we are all really pressed for time. Sharing a car doesn't help much either. They want tot get to the activity really soon so we are all trying our best to make sure we get done with emails fast.
I just wanted to make a quick note about some of our new investigators. One of them is a referral who was meeting with missionaries in Nebraska and told us that he wants to be baptized. He knows that the church is true and is excited to be here. He has also been talking with his mother and his mother is very interested in the gospel. He is great. Then one of our other new investigators is a member referral. He told us in our first meeting that he wants to be baptized and that he wants to learn more. We have taught him twice and in one week he came to church and he is in 1 Nephi 20. Things just seem to be falling into our laps. It is great. I feel so blessed from my Father in Heaven who just wants what is best for me and who is letting Elder Richardson and I be a part of his miracles and His work. I am soooooo happy. I would give anything if I could be a missionary for another 2 years. I just past my 18 month mark of my mission. I don't want to have any letters or emails telling me that I am coming home soon. It is not soon. That is a long long long time away. That is the way that I want to think of it. I wish it could last forever.
I love ya'll and have a great week.