Tuesday, September 7, 2010


First I will talk about the weather. It has been absolutely crazy how rainy it has been. Today we have a flood and tornado warning so that is exciting. Yesterday it rained so hard. We were on bikes but luckily were seeing someone when the rain hit and they gave us a ride home through the flooded streets of Pasadena. The water got as high as about 1-2 feet on the sides of the road. It is crazy. There has also been much lightning. This weather always is nice when it hits, (unless your on bikes), but afterward the humidity kills you. That is the part that I don't like.
Elder Leishman and I this week started teaching an awesome family of six. Gilbert and Amanda. I still can't remember all of the kids names so to keep from confusion I will include that in my letter next week. They are amazing. We met with them on Tuesday of last week and they were very interested. They have committed to be baptized. They love our visits and show a determination to know the truth and find it out for themselves. They were a text message referral that we received and they are great. We followed up with them the next day and they had read their assignment in the Book of Mormon and asked questions about it. That always makes you happy. If someone is reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it then that will do more for them than hearing me talk with them. It is a tool of conversion for every soul on the earth. It is an amazing record. I am excited to see this great family progress and continue coming to church as they have this past week. I will keep you all updated on their progress.
Other than that there has not been very many exciting things going on. It was a little slow this week but that is the way it goes. We took our P-Day today so that we could work on Labor day with everyone home and stuff. But it rained very hard so we didn't find any new people to teach.
This past week however Rhett Oliver from Friendswood 1st ward took Elder Leishman and I out to eat and told me how my old missionary buddies and companions are doing. I would tell you more but for some reason today the computer is only giving me 30 minutes instead of an hour. So I actually have to end my email. But I love all of you and have a great week.

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