Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So I resigned in and it usually doesn't work but I have more time. So I will tell you more from where I left off.
Rhett actually was companions with Elder Leishman while his foot was healing. So we both knew Rhett and became friends with him. His foot is still not healing very well. He was told by his Mission President to just go to school. So he is going to LDS Business College in Utah. He has already left which is why he came and took us out to lunch.
SO a quick update for anyone that wants to know about Ex-Elders Robertson, Maw, and Schwartzman
Tallon Robertson is now playing basketball in Wyoming and is doing wonderfully. I guess he is really happy (even in Wyoming, go figure) and is having a great RM life. He is not dating anyone so if anybody knows anyone in Wyoming let them know that he is around.
Jake Maw, my zone leader in Friendswood for a number of transfers, is in Logan at Utah state university. I don't know too much fun stuff to share from him other than something you will learn from the next person.
Steve Schwartzman , my district leader while I was in Friendswood with Elders Robertson and Maw, is roommates with Bro. Maw at Utah state. They always said that they would but nobody believed them. He is doing very well. He has actually written a book since he has been home that is supposedly pretty good. He was a journalist before the mission and has won national awards for some of his writings. He is a very good writer. I have read some of his stuff.
So that is a random update on the lives of those now back in the world.
I haven't heard from any of my past companions in a long time. Hopefully I will have an update from Brett Jensen soon though. But he just got home.
Anyways life has been pretty good. We really want to find some new people to teach and get our pool bigger. I don't think that there are any missionaries who are satisfied with how many people they have to teach unless they are in Chile.
Last P-day our zone gathered for a large activity in League City. It was a lot of fun. I didn't know too many of the missionaries but I saw some that I have not seen in some time. Elder Demile for one. He is going home at the end of this transfer and it was good to get to talk with him a bit at the activity. I also saw a member from Friendswood who is now at the branch because of being in school. He got married 4 months after getting home. To a girl that he met a month after being home. Kinda funny. Bu the activity was good. We ate a bunch of food and played sports and other activities.
I just want to thank everyone for everything that they have ever done for me. I appreciate all of the prayers and help that you have given in my behalf. I know that the church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that a man will get closer to God by reading the Book of Mormon and following it's teachings than any other book. That is a promise. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Not of himself, but he was called of God. I know that the Prophet and Apostles are truly Apostles and Prophets. I know that the doctrine we teach is true and that without it there would be no purpose in life. I challenge anyone who has even a little doubt to cast it aside and find out if this is the truth. I know that it is and that you can find the answers that you have in your heart in the gospel. It is not just good philosophy. It is the truth. Test it as the Savior challenges you too. I know that the Holy Ghost is real. I know  that revelation is real and that any person may receive it.  I know that I have received far more from the way i have lived my life the past year and a few months than any other time. I thank the Lord that he has been merciful to me and that he is merciful to everyone that I meet.
I promise all of you that if you want to know what to do in your life. Ask your Heavenly Father because he knows what is best and will help you "find yourself" a lot quicker than you can on your own.
I love you all and I hope that this week goes well for all of you.

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