Monday, August 30, 2010



1000 E. Curtis #503
Pasadena, TX

That is my new area. It is just outside of the city and I feel claustrophobic here. Coming from my last two areas, which were very small areas, this area is way more packed. I got used to more open spaces. But here it is rather compressed. It is good though. Our area is small compared with my last areas. We have a mall and a Walmart and a ton of stuff though. It seems like they tried to put too much in too little space. It's all good though. I am with Elder Leishman who has been a good friend basically my whole mission. We have wanted to serve together or around each other our whole missions. He is a good guy. Even though he is from Canada. I always make fun of him and he always makes fun of people from Washington. He only lives about 7-8 hours away border time included. So he is the closest companion to me that I have had yet. He is a good guy. He is 23 and a stong person. He has a good sized family and he is younger in his family. He is a good friend and Elder. It was sad to leave Bay City but I like it here as well. I hope that Elder Cayas does well in Bay City. 
So this week was good. It was sad saying goodbye to everybody. I really am going to miss some of the people in Bay City. If I visit anywhere it is going to be Bay City. I love the area and the people. It's kinda sad to think about Bay City. Life there was good. I am still getting used to this area. There are hardly any people who speak English that we talk to on the streets. It is weird. Our ward actually meets in the same building as three other wards. Each ward is in a different stake. And two of the wards are in another mission. And we share a ward with some other Elders. ELder Oliver and Elder Manoa from Hawaii. He's a greeny. He is good though I like him. So it is weird to see missionaries from another mission and be able to talk with them. One of them is David Archuleta's second cousin. He is a cool guy actually. They cover our area but in Spanish. So we get lots of referrals from them and we give them a lot of referrals. 
So we haven't been able to teach very many people this past week that are in our investigator pool. So I don't know much about the people here. there are a few people that are potentials right now and there is a recent convert who is awesome. She is sharing the gospel with a ton of people and is trying to help other people know what she knows now. If everybody shared the gospel like her than the church would be growing like crazy.
I love my mission. If there are any who are reading this I would never tell you to not go on a mission. It is the best and hardest time of my life but definitely the greatest. I wish that I could do this forever but I am starting to realize that it will not last forever. I want it to. I love it very much and I just wish sometimes that I could clone myself so I could share the gospel with more and more people. But that is not possible so I have to do what I can. 
Today we are having a big activity in League City , with the whole zone. I haven't had an activity like this in a long long time. If you tried to have an activity in Bay City then people would have to drive like an hour just to get to everybody else. So I am happy about this activity. 
Sorry this is short. They always are. I am just not the best writer and I get writer's block every time that I type. I just can't think of much to talk about and stuff so I always have to call it quits early. I love yall and hope that this week goes well for all of you. Keep the faith and stay strong. I love you all and I know that the church is the truth. And that by knowing that it will change your life if you follow it.

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