Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A week of strangeness

It was an interesting week what with P-Day on a Tuesday and then zone conference on Thursday. P-day was a good day to start off. We did a lot. Our district went shopping at a bunch of stores then we ended the day with getting haircuts. It is kinda girly if I say it that way but it was a little girly I guess. They cut my hair too short. It was my fault. Down here they ask you what number you want your hair cut at. I said a 4 on the top and a 2 on the side. I forgot how short that was. Now I still don't look too great but right after Elder Leishman and I got our haircuts we looked a little like thugs. It was kinda funny but it is just us that think that. I have never had my hair this short. to be honest I actually miss my old haircut before the mission. But I don't miss how it looks just how it feels. Elder Oliver was the smart one and remembered the sizes and his haircut looked really good. Elder Manoa didn't need a haircut.
SO that was P-Day. Like I think I said in my last email Monday was full of rain and other things. But Tuesday went pretty well. We had a study at the church and then we had a good lesson with that family that we are teaching. They came to church again this past Sunday and really enjoyed it. There kids are more reverent than most of the active members. It is sooo cool. They are good parents to those kids and you don't see very many couples as young as they are who are so responsible or who are such good parents. It makes me happy that they have their priorities straight. But they are doing well. They have been reading from the Book of Mormon and have been keeping their commitments. I am excited to see how they progress and I am excited for the day when they receive their answer that the Book of Mormon is true.
Besides Amanda, Gilbert, and their kids there are many other people that we are starting to teach. But not very many are easy to stay in contact with. But that is how the work goes. We are trying to find more people to teach though. This area is packed with people but most of them just speak Spanish. I wish I knew a little more Spanish but I don't know much. Elder Leishman knows even less than I do. So we are giving a number of people to the Spanish missionaries but luckily they seem to find all the English people for us and refer them to us. Like this lady Jan for example. She is a really nice lady and very intelligent. She has been reading from the Book of Mormon and is very into it. We haven't taught her in about a week but we will be seeing her tomorrow.
SO this week was zone conference. It  was really good. I didn't know closely too many of the missionaries but I knew a few very well. There was a group of maybe 13 missionaries that gave their departing testimonies. Which means that this was their last zone conference. There are so many great, strong, and spiritual missionaries that will be going home. I feel like almost all of the missionaries that I look up to are going home. It has been so sad to see so many of them leave. But that is the mission. You also get to see many wonderful missionaries enter into the field. It's weird being one of the older ones though.
Anyways the zone conference was great. President Saylin is a loving mission president who always seeks the will of the Lord for the mission and for what he should talk about. He is a good man, leader, and friend. I wish sometimes that I would be able to get to know him a little better but he is a busy man and I have always been in areas very far from him. I know him well though. I want to be more like him some day. He is a prime example of what the gospel can do for a life and for a family if you live all of the principles, seek the will of the Lord, live a clean life, and go to the temple often. He always reminds me of my father and Sister Saylin always reminds me of my Mom. I swear if they know each other they would be good friends. Especially Sister Saylin and my Mom.
Anyways, I have to end. This week looks like a good one and I hope that it was allot like this week just with less rain. It did rain a ton this week. Anyways again, I look forward to next weeks email. I love you all and I hope that life goes well for all of you. Keep the faith and stay strong. The gospel is true. I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that Joseph Smith was a prophet. As well I know by the Holy Ghost that Jesus Christ walked this earth and payed the penalty for my sins.
I love you all and have a great week.

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