Saturday, September 5, 2009

HELLO,hello,HELLO,hello, we welcome you today!

Hello. This week has been slow. I wish we had snow. Anyways this week has been ok. Some great things are happening with some of our investigators and they are having miracles happen in their lives. One of the people we teach has found a job, Cathy’s daughter is having her heart softened toward her mother, and we have found some very good new people.
Let’s see this week. Hmmmm…. On Tuesday we went to Needville with a very nice member who offered to give us a ride. We started at 12:30 and ended at 5:30 so it was pretty long out there. It was a fun day though. Needville is such a small Texas town. It is really different than Rosenberg. We talked to a man who had some really nice dogs. He was nice too. We will be visiting him either this week or the beginning of next week. This reminds me of this dog that we see all the time. There is a dog that always sits in front of one of our investigator’s homes. He is a wire haired jack Russell terrier. He is the sweetest dog. We call him Zorom.
One Wednesday we had TEMPLE ZONE CONFERENCE! It was awesome. It took us forever to get there though. Our session was at 9:00 so we had to be there by 8:30. We live an hour away from the temple when there is no traffic. We had to leave really early. When we got there the temple looked really beautiful because of the lighting. I took a few pictures with other people’s cameras that I will get copies of and send home. Also this temples interior is amazing. I had a great time. After the temple we had our conference with a talk from President Saylin on the mission and on obedience, and then we had training by our AP’s on following and teaching by the spirit. Then we had training by Sister Saylin. It was a lot of fun and very spiritual. On my mission the number one thing that I have learned and been able to recognize is the spirit. I do not get promptings as often as some but I can recognize them between my thoughts and what the Lord tells me now more than ever. There is a difference and when you receive a prompting or revelation it is different than you thinking it. It is one of those things that are almost impossible to describe. There is actually another thing that I heard in church this past week that I find very interesting. The Bishop was talking about parenting and that the parents are responsible for teaching their children the gospel and parenting in general. Then he talked about an extensive study that the church had to find out what the number one thing was that led people to go on a mission, receive the Melkezidek priesthood, get their endowment, be sealed in the temple, and stay active. The church after this study found out that the number one factor is a personal spiritual experience. I found this very interesting and I would say that every person who joins or is raised in the church needs one of these experiences to know that the church is true. The way that you have one of these is to do the basics. Go to church, read your scriptures, pray, and keep yourself in an environment where the spirit can be present. Also exercising patience for the spirit to touch your heart. For me I did not have a full spiritual witness of the truth until I was at the MTC. This does not mean that I did not have a testimony but I did not know 100%. You can know yourself even if you have a testimony. By doing what I said earlier and asking to know if something is true. I try to ask at least once a month if something about the gospel is true even though I already know it is. Doing this strengthens your testimony about that particular thing much more when you do this.
Anyways back to my update.
We had our carpet cleaned this week and it was nasty before so now it looks and feels a lot better. Our apartment has gone from looking like junk to looking like a church. It is so clean. There isn’t much else to update on. The rest of the week was the norm. We did have a great lesson with Lily. She said that she will be baptized once she gets an answer if it is true. SO we are really excited about that. I hope that everyone who reads this will know that it is nearly impossible to write letters anymore. There is so much preparation and stuff going on every P-day that things stack up. I want everyone to know that I love you and I am not trying to be flaking when it comes to writing letters. If I had the time I would write everyone a huge letter but sadly we can only write letters on P-days and I have been very busy. I love you all and I just remembered something. We had a super loud awesome storm the other night.

Elder Devon Joel Marr

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