Monday, September 28, 2009


This week has been a great one indeed. Several people have been transferred and it has been a little sad to see them leave. From something that President Saylin said I feel like I am staying here one more transfer. A big thing that has happened this week is newer mission rules. These are rules just for our mission so if you talk to any other missionaries don’t think that these rules apply to them. Being obedient is never a bad thing. These new rules are a challenge however for all the missionaries within this mission. There are many new rules placed upon music, studies, phone minutes, and district and zone activities to name a few. These newer rules are very hard to follow and are testing many missionaries’ (including myself) faith in President Saylin that these rules are from the Lord. I can tell you all and the missionaries here that they are. This week we had the most investigators at church ever, a less-active family come to church after a long time away, people finding jobs, etc. I will tell of one in particular that was great. Well maybe two.
When Elder Costa of the seventy came he asked us to have companionship study every single day no matter what was going on that day. Also in the new rules it says that we are to have it every day. Elder Garcia and I rarely have companionship study on P-day. We are now committing to doing it every day. During our study we received a call from the AP’s. They told us that they received a referral that is in our area of a family that has been curious about the church and who have relatives in the church for a long period of time. I feel like these people are prepared. Also during our study we called a lady who randomly came to church one Sunday and she wanted us to come over at the one time that we had open today. She is very curious as well.
Another interesting blessing that I do not know if it has to do with obedience or not but I will share it. After church I became very ill. I had a temperature, I was shivering everywhere I went, I had a headache, my stomach hurt badly, and my mind was jarbeled. I felt like this and I was sure that I had the flu or a cold. We ate our dinner and I still did not feel good at all. So it wasn’t that I was hungry or thirsty but that I was sick. We had a meeting at 7:00 last night at Bishop Sorenson’s home. Let me just say on a little side note that this meeting was special. The ward council came together to talk about a ward mission plan. When we talked about this we talked about how the brethren of the church really want this to happen. Also that the members have to share the gospel, invite their friends to church activities or lessons and to spread the gospel by example and by reaching out to others and making them feel welcome. In the meeting the spirit was so strong several people had tears in their eyes and one sister actually cried because of the changes that this will have. They realized in those moments that they have to stand as witnesses of God at all times, in all things, and in all places they may be in. They understood that they have to change to live a Christ-like life without taking breaks or resting or keeping to themselves but to share the gospel everywhere and be the best that they can. It was a deeply spiritual meeting.
Upon arriving at this meeting feeling very sick the Bishop opened the door for us. He shook my hand and I instantly felt better. In the blink of an eye. My mind also was calm and clear. All of my ailments ceased the moment I shook his hand and walked into his home. There is no way I could go from feeling that sick to that good that fast unless through the power of the spirit. IT was a testimony to me of the power of God and the spirit which resides with others and in other’s homes.
One of Elder Garcia’s investigators in his last area was baptized by his this week. It was a great experience and she loved it very much. She is a great lady and she called to tell us how awesome her confirmation was at church. What it shows me is that people who really live the principles and do as Heavenly Father asks them receive blessings. I just hope that she remembers the blessings which she has received and stays strong in the gospel.
My time is short so I must put an end to my writing at this time. I love you all and I understand now why it is so important to be 100% obedient. Everything that we are asked to do if we do it will bring more joy and blessings than if we only did most of it or even 99% of it. But we must all try our best to get that 100%. That is also what repentance is for. We can repent so that the Lord can show us the way to get to 100%.

Elder Devon Joel Marr

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