Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coming Home

Elder Whipple who is one of the AP’s is coming home. Not me. I just want more readers.

This week was transfer week and I am not being transferred. But I will get to the coolest news of the week right off the bat. This week on Saturday we met as a mission up in Houston. We were privileged to hear from Elder Cladio R.M. Costa of the presidency of the seventy along with Elder Richardson of the seventy. It was one of the best meetings I have ever been to. The sprit was strong, he told great stories, his council was great, and he was hilarious. His sense of humor had almost everyone laughing so hard they couldn’t think straight. It was a great meeting. He explained the authority of a seventy and it is something that many members do not even understand. Seventies hold very little keys but hold apostolic authority being called by the apostles. If you are not a member ask someone what some of these things mean. But it was very fascinating. I would go into more detail but I forgot to bring my notes to the library. Just so you know it was a great meeting that brought the spirit in very strongly.

Some other good news, some of our investigators have their financial situations stabilizing. This way they can progress easier because of being able to get themselves to church and other reasons. Also it is just good to be making money to support a family. This week has been a little different but has been a very enjoyable one. Elder Manning went on exchanges with me this week and we had a blast. Luckily the day went really well and we taught a lot of people and we just had a lot of fun. This transfer our zone isn’t changing much. Elder Cambell my district leader is training and Elder Stack is getting transferred. This is the biggest news in our zone. I will take pictures because we are getting together today so yall can see what everyone looks like and just to have pictures.

The mission as a whole continues to progress and to grow. This mission has changed much and all for the good. President Saylin has really been working hard and trying to follow the Lord’s plan for this mission. President Saylin spoke yesterday at a fireside that I was able to attend with the couple that we teach. It was his 23rd anniversary of being a member of the church. I think that is really cool. He bore his testimony and implored all attending the fireside to pray and ask if the church is true. The spirit was very strong. The Saylin family as a whole is amazing. Their children are great kids and the best things about them is how not fake they are and how truly loving they are.

This week we had a really good lesson with a family we teach. We talked about Alma 32 and faith. I would ask all of you to read this if I haven’t asked it already. It is some of my favorite scripture. Anyways this really helped them understand how to get answers from the Lord and why we ask them to read and come to church and pray.

There really isn’t too much else to update on. The area is improving and Elder Garcia is an awesome missionary. We have a blast. The food this week from the members has been really good as always but we have been using a lot of miles to visit members for dinner. We are allotted 1250 miles a month. We have about 320 miles left for the month. There is no way we are not going over. Our area is huge and we have been busy with investigators on the opposite side of town and members who live in Sugar Land. I like keeping busy but it kills miles. The work is good. I love my mission and all of the people in it. Today is going to be fun. We are meeting with some other missionaries to go out to lunch and stuff. Also today is just a good day. The weather has been very mild lately. It has been overcast so it has been much cooler. I find it to be perfect outside. But it does get humid sometimes. I am just rambling. I hope that everyone has a good week this week and I will give a better update next week. I just can’t think of anything else to update upon.
Elder Marr
P.S. Favorite scripture right now = Moroni 7:48

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