Monday, September 14, 2009


Hello everyone. This week has been rather slow. We have been trying to find some people to teach to enlarge our teaching pool but it has been rather difficult. All this week it has reminded me of home. It has been overcast and lightly rainy on and off. The heat is a little more intense and the humidity is a little stronger but it still reminds me of home. We had President’s interviews this week on Tuesday. I love speaking to President Saylin. He is a good man who cares very much for the mission as a whole as well as individuals.
This week was pretty good. We have been teaching this lady and she is going to be baptized on the 24th of October. She is so cool. She is truly seeking answers to her questions and wants to understand everything the best that she can. I might have mentioned her in the last email because it was late but I do not remember. Also the couple that we teach continues to grow and progress toward getting married so they can get baptized. I am so excited for them. There has been some rather sad news as well this week. One of our investigators mothers is going to be passing away very soon. It has been a sad but also comforting week. I am so happy that I have the knowledge I have about the next life and what is going to happen.
I cannot think of any funny stories this week. This email will be very short. Not that nothing happened this week just that nothing extravagant happened this week and there isn’t too much that is updateable. There has been a teaching tool that we have been using that has worked very well in opening people’s hearts to the gospel. That is Glenn Beck’s conversion story.
I highly recommend this dvd or if you can find in on youtube or something watch it. It doesn’t matter if you are a member of the church or not or if you hate Glenn Beck or love him. Everyone should watch it. It isn’t to brainwash you but to encourage you to ask questions. One of my favorite parts of the video he quotes Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson has a nephew whos mother had past away and whos father was going to die. His father approached Thomas Jefferson and asked him to teach his son and tell him how to be a good man. Thomas Jefferson told him that he would oversee the boy’s education. When his nephew turned 16 ,I believe, he sent him a letter. In the letter it said; when it comes to mathematics know this….politics know this…. Science know this….concerning religion he said this; “QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS.... fix reason firmly in her seat for if there be a God he would rather honest questions that blind folded fear.” Glenn Beck took this to heart and took this approach when looking for the truth. He says; “I reject you. (‘You’ being God) I reject you because I don’t know you. I reject you because I only know about you because I am told that you exist. But if you do exist. And I honestly seek you out. I will find you. Because you want me to find you.” This is true. Heavenly Father wants us to ask questions and question everything. And through honest questions we can find the truth. I testify that I have done this and that I have found for myself that what I am doing out here is true. When it comes to praying and asking if the Book of Mormon is true. The promise in the Book of Mormon that if you have faith in Christ and are truly seeking for truth not caring were you find it, as long as it is the truth, and you ask if the Book of Mormon is true than you will receive your answer. So if you ask with a sincere heart with real intent. You will receive your answer through the power of the Holy Ghost. It may not be immediate and it will take a true heart but the Lord is bound to the truth so he will give you an answer if you seek it. I promise.

Elder Marr

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