Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Labor Day was yesterday so the library was closed. But luckily Pres. Saylin is having us take an hour today to write emails home. This week I didn’t write any letters because P-day was busy and we did stuff for Labor-Day. This week has been one of the best. The work out here has been a little different. It has been challenging and very sad. This economy is affecting everyone and I am sad for them and any of you who are having difficulties financially. But the Lord is blessing this area in ways that he has not before. I suggest that any who are able to read this month’s ensign article by Elder Holland. He is my favorite if you can have a favorite. All of the things that I have heard from him have always related to me personally much and the things that he holds dear I hold dear. I think that is why we have twelve different types of people for our apostles. Each one relates to the people in a different way.
Interviews with President Saylin were this morning. They are always good. President Saylin is a great man and he is doing a great work by being here. Our mission is being blessed far beyond it ever has before. I love this mission. I truly believe that it is the best mission anywhere but I am sure that all missionaries say that about their missions.
This week has had its ups and downs but the ups have been great. One thing that has really helped this area ,not in missionary work per say, was a huge storm that rolled in on Saturday. OH MY GOSH!!! It was around 7:40 and we are talking with a less active member of the ward on his porch. We see lightning in the distance. That’s no big deal. Then the wind gets crazy! By the time we ended our conversation the wind was blowing so hard you could barely hear. Then about 20 seconds before Elder Garcia and I go to the car it starts pouring rain. I have never actually seen real pouring rain, even in Washington. From the run of 30ft. to our car we were soaked. It was crazy. Driving in that was even scarier. So we had another appointment and in order to get to their apartment you have to walk down this path with no cover. So on this walk the rain is already starting to flood stuff. You cannot see the path because the water is about two inches deep and you step off the path into mud so my shoes were nasty and I had mud splatter all over my pants and shirt by the time we got back to the apartment. Driving home the power went out for only about 20 seconds but the storm was right on top of us. It was real loud too. Lighting flashing only a football field away at times. It got crazy. Pulling into our parking lot was the worst part of it. The road was flooding and the underside of the car got submerged a few times. So the battery was dying. Therefore the power steering was going out. I thought that we were going to get stuck but luckily we were able to park in an ok spot. On the way walking to our apartment there was a river in the parking lot about 5 inches deep. SO INTENSE! This storm was so much fun and I thought it was amazing. Also this area has not received hardly any rain while I have been here.
That was the storm. Now a funny story. Elder Garcia and I were tracting in an apartment complex north of our apartment. We knocked doors and found some success in the complex. But there were a group of kids there that were very nice and interested in what we were doing. One of them told us were people lived and who was home. I turned to Elder Garcia and said “He was a sober child, and quick to observe” (Mormon joke) He then called up to us as we were knocking on a person’s door and said “Where did you get that purse?” We were confused by his question and he was looking at me. I was holding my small scripture case in my hand and he thought it was a purse. I was going to say it was a scripture case but before I could do so someone opened the door in front of us. Children here are really funny. Sometimes I wish that we could teach them instead of their parents. They don’t have all of the problems or pride that some do. I can see why Christ always spoke of the children being examples of how we should be. Another funny thing is that we are teaching a guy now with a grill. If you don’t know what a grill is it is jewelry over your teeth basically. Look at pictures or something it is hard to describe. Anyways this guy has a real grill. I have only ever seen the ones that go over the teeth but this guy has ones that go over or are each individual tooth. They are gold with the front being some type of expensive metal. He is a nice guy but it is weird looking.
There isn’t much else to talk about just that the area goes well and I am sorry as always for not writing more letters. I would say that I will write them next week but I have no idea what is going on. Don’t think that I don’t love to receive letters because believe me I do. They are the highlight of my week. I love you all and have a great week this week.
Elder Devon Joel Marr

P.S. For those of you interested look up a video about the Book of Mormon taking place in the great lakes region. I have only heard about it but it sounds fascinating.

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