Monday, August 24, 2009


I have enjoyed parts of this week very much but it has been slow. School starts here for the kids today so lots of people were out shopping and their schedules were not set. This next week will be a much more successful week that this week. This area has been really sad. Especially this past week. The economy is hitting a lot of the people we teach hard. The couple that is getting married is not anymore anytime soon because of their financial situation and the finances of their families. Also some other people we teach are starting to sell anything they can to buy groceries. It is a sad situation. The people have hope that they will find something in the future. Especially since all the people that are having troubles that are close to me have skills that will allow them to find decent-good jobs eventually.
On a lighter (sp) note, P-day was really fun this week. We played volleyball and basketball. I always have a blast on P-days. E.Voeks is doing well. He loves his area and they just had a baptism this past Saturday. He is loving it and I think that he needed to get away from Rosenberg because he had been here so long. Elder Garcia is starting to like the area more and more because of its interesting characters. It is also a weird town to get used to. The roads and the way the town is made are really strange. Look at it on a map sometime. It is also very different from his last area.
I will now tell a story from this week. We went to contact a referral who ordered a Finding faith in Christ DVD. As we pulled up we saw a lady on a chair in front of the apartment we were supposed to visit. As we walked toward the apartment she started saying things that were not so nice that I will not repeat. Then we asked her if she was the lady who ordered the Bible. She said no and that she was from a certain church to show us that she believed in God. We then walked around her and knocked on the door we were trying to get to. The lady who ordered the Bible answered the door. We went in and had a great chat. She told us that she cannot wait until she can move away from her interesting neighbors. Then in the middle of our conversation the lady on the chair comes into the apartment and tells us that she let us in so she can kick us out. She then told us to leave. It is not her apartment. The Bible lady told her to get out and the response of the lady on the chair was that she believed in a certain church. This was probably not the best story but to me it was really funny afterward.
Let’s see what else happened this week? Bingo was fun. I think I dozed off a few times and had to keep reminding myself that I am a missionary and I need to be an example. But it was very tiring this week for some reason. District meeting was really good this week. After the meeting our district went to Chili’s. Our district is smaller now and only consists of Elders Cambell, (forgot his new companions name), and Garcia and Marr. We had a lot of fun. I love eating with the missionaries. It is always a blast. Another amazing thing that happened this week was an awesome storm. It rained for about an hour just pouring down. There was also lighting and thunder. The Brazos Elders called us to see if we could give them a ride. They were soaked when we got to them. We leaped out of the car to help them put their bikes on the bike rack and we got really wet. It was awesome. Houston area needed it. It has been really dry here and this is the first real Texas storm to hit this summer. WOW I just realized how long I have been gone from home. I left before prom and now school is about to start up. I have been gone all summer. Sorry if that past comment made anyone sad but time is going by faster than it ever has in my life. Moments are long but the overall time has flown by.
This week Elder Garcia and I contacted a bunch of referrals. I probably made around 100 phone calls just to referrals. It has been crazy. Luckily now that most of the referrals have been contacted and visited we have knocked out a lot of referrals that need to be contacted. This week will be better because we will be able to focus on our investigators that we already have.
So something that we did this week was spray paint our kitchen table chairs. They were a really ugly golden color so we spray painted them this cool gray and stenciled out the state shape on the back. On mine I we had the Texas pink. The chairs are awesome. Oh if anyone has seen the pictures I took of the apartment when I first got here it looks A LOT better. I might have said this last week but I just want to reiterate it.
Well everyone I hope that you have a great week. I tried to write letters last week but then we all got together and I didn’t have that much time. I will try as always to get some written this week. I love you all!!!!
Elder Devon Joel Marr

P.S. Alma 32 (especially the second half) is amazing read it and pray about it.

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