Monday, January 31, 2011

Elder Gaverrett of the 70

It was an amazing meeting. He talked about so many things and shared so much with us that we are trying to learn and follow. It is always so great to meet with one of the general authorities. I look forward to the future and applying what he spoke about to us. There was a lot. One of the things that really hit us all hard was what he said about the baptisms in this area. Our mission goal for 2011 is to have 600 people come to the waters of baptism and start their journey in the church. Elder Gaverrett said " Your goal for baptisms is 600 for this year. Why not 1,200? You can do it. There are many here that want the gospel and will accept it." It made us all think about how much the work is going forward and become more determined to work even harder.

It was a great meeting and I had a great experience. After he introduced himself we sung a hymn and then the assistants got up and read off a list of people to give a 3 minute talk. They read off about 5 people and then I knew that I was going to be next. I just felt it. And I was. In hindsight you would think that I would be scared to death to give a talk on the spot in front of a 70. But the Lord calmed my fears and helped me not to freeze up. It was a great experience. I am so happy to be able to be on a mission. I would not trade it for anything. It is so great. I love feeling the spirit and having it guide me. I hunger for it when I don't feel it. I am scared a little to not have those feelings as much when I get home from my mission. But I know that the Holy Ghost will still be there. Also I will be able to go to the temple and feel the spirit there. I miss the temple. Hopefully I will get to go here in a month and a half though. And before I leave. I wish I could go every week. There is limitless knowledge there.

Normally I talk about the weather first but I will talk about that now. It has been rainy and really warm lately. This morning it was foggy and humid. It would be rainy and look really cold outside but you would go out and it would be 75-80. So it has been warming up. Supposedly it is going to be cooling off this next week though.

Transfers are coming up. I will know if I am being transferred next week. I don't want to be. I love this area and the people in it. I also love Elder Walker. My time with him has been a lot different than the time with most of my companions but we love being in the work together. This ward and area has so much potential that I just never want to leave. It is a great place with a lot of great people.

So we are working with a ton of people right now. It is hard to keep track of everyone. Keeps us busy. I don't think I have ever been this busy. There is always something effective to be doing and we have so many scheduled appointments. I love it. It isn't easy here but it is a lot different than say Bay City or Angleton. A totally different type of area. The way you go about the work and plan is so different. I love it though. Keeps you busy.

I have been reading the Book of Mormon lately as part of my challenge. I love it. I feel so good when I read it. My day doesn't go as well unless I read from the Book of Mormon. It teaches me so much and helps me to feel the spirit. Even if I have a hard time understanding it it does help me to have the Holy Ghost more in my life. If anyone wants to feel the spirit and feel comforted just read the scriptures. They help so much. I can't go a day without reading them anymore. My day will be terrible if I don't read.

I know this email is a little scatter brained and short paragraphs but I had a great week. I love these people. I love this ward. I love this area and the way it is at times. I love the stage I am at in my mission. I love the things which I have learned about the gospel. Priceless gifts it seems I have received from coming on a mission. I don't know how you could call it a sacrifice. Definitely an investment.

I love you all and have a great week whether you are going to school, working, looking for work, or on a cruise I love you all and have a great week.



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