Monday, January 24, 2011

I really have been having a hard time coming up with good titles for my blog entrys

So this week was a good one. I always say something like that. We had our zone activity. We had a huge nerf war and it was a lot of fun. We have the largest zone in the mission so there were a lot of people. It was one of the funnest activities I have done on my mission for a P-day. I got to see a lot of missionaries that I love too. This zone has a lot of missionaries that are very close to my heart. I am going to stay in contact with many of them. All missionaries say that but I really do want to stay in contact with a lot of the people here.
So we had ward conference this past Sunday. It was wonderful. The stake presidency called us out in sacrament meeting and had us recite D&C 4. With no warning as always with stake leaders. Luckily I could still remember it pretty well. The other three did very well also. The stake president spoke about the missionary work and retention in the League City stake. There have been a lot of converts this past year that the stake has been around our area has two companionships for one ward and might be getting another companionship in the future. It is an amazing ward.
The ward conference was very good. I love great meetings were the things shared are so interesting and you want to learn about what they have to say. The focus of the meetings was on a deepened conversion. The church recently did a study of institute in particular. And 96% of those who graduate institute get their endowment. 98% of those marry in the temple. So they focused on the youth as well on us and how we can strengthen our testimonies and our conversions to the Lord. I feel like a mission has helped my testimony so much and i have felt so close to the Lord many times. But I look forward to  going to institute when I get back. When I go to school and stuff at least.
Also during their meetings with the ward they talked about a single scripture in D&C for an hour. It was about our duty as priesthood holders. It was a wonderful lesson that helped me reflect a lot on my duties in my calling.
On another note the rain here has been awesome. It started to warm up but it has been raining all day just like Washington rain. People here seem to shut down when it rains but it just makes me want to be outside and work. I don't know what the future of weather holds but we will see.
So this week in two days Elder Gaverett of the 70 and his wife will be coming to our mission for a special zone conference. I don't know if I said that in my last email but I am extremely excited for this meeting. One of the greatest experiences of my mission was when Elder Zwick came here and taught us and spoke to us. I have only felt the spirit that strong a few times. I am looking forward to feeling a similar way when I here his teachings. 70's are wonderful servants of the Lord and you can just tell that somethings is different about them. Especially when you see them in person. It is that way with all of the general authorities.
This is a cool story. Elder Walker's sister and brother in law are inactive. He works at a hotel in Utah and I am not sure what he does. Elder Walkers sister is inactive and his brother in law I believe is not a member or has not being active since a very very young age. Anyways, he was behind the counter one day talking with the people coming in to get a room and in walks a man that he feels looks familiar but he can't put his finger on where he has seen him before. He sees the man walking and seems to be looking for something or someone. This man stops and talks with one of the employees telling them that he is looking for a particular person who always shines his shoes. He just loves this shoe shiner. They tell him that they don't know where the certain person is and the man leaves. This whole time Elder Walker's brother in law is watching. As he watches he feels something is different about this man and that he is almost different from anyone that he had ever been around. That just being around him made him feel peaceful and calm. After this man left he realized that it was Thomas S. Monson. He then went home after work and told of his experience. He is now reading from the Book of Mormon and is almost done reading for the first time. He just knew that there was something about this man that he wanted in him.
That is how it feels at times to be in the presence of these holy men. It gives me a 1% taste of what it must feel like to be in the presence of the Lord.
I love you all and have a great week. Keep reading your Book of Mormon all of those who accepted the challenge.
For those who it may concern I got new shoes :)

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