Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have never been this cold. The beginning of last week was ridiculously cold. We we told that we needed to have members take us out after the sun went down if we were in a bike area. I was in Clear Lake for two days with Elder Cortez. It was an interesting exchange. Three companionship's switched around for the two days. I took Elder Cayas' spot in Clear Lake while Elder Lidich came here with Elder Walker. Clear Lake is a lot like Friendswood. It is a lot different than this area but there are still a lot of great people. Those two days were busy. We also had interviews this past week. That was great as well. President Saylin and I talked about some good stuff. There are a few tings that he wants to experiment with in our area and I think that it will yield good results.
We have been working with a lot of new people. As well as some of the people that were here when I got in the area. We have been running from teaching appointment to teaching appointment. We have no time to breath. It is great. There are so many people who want to meet with us and so little time. We have been teaching like crazy and trying to get a lot of members out with us. This past week was a great one.
Just to let yall know this weeks email is going to shorter than the normal emails. There isn't much time. We are trying to get all of our stuff taken care of quickly for a zone activity today. When you are in a district with other missionaries who rely on you for a ride you have to go fast. At the library where we do our emails there is a sign up section and you have to wait forever until you get a computer. By the time you get one it is about an hour after another missionary started. So you could be at the library for 2 hours.
Anyways, this week was great. There were a few really powerful spiritual experiences that we have had. We are trying to help a member in the ward to stay active and change. She is a great person and the spirit was so strong in our lesson yesterday that a lot of tears were shed by several of us. The Lord cares so much about every single person and doesn't want any of them to fall away and be lost. I have had some of the most powerful teaching experiences when they are to investigators who are going to drop you or members who are choosing to go inactive or to fall off the map, so to speak. The Lord has brought the spirit so strongly so many times when I am privileged to be teaching one of His children. The Lord doesn't want them to leave and he sends the spirit to try to soften their hearts. It always makes me feel like nothing. I cannot teach well. I have no real ability to change people. But I know that the Lord does. And I learn more and more each day of how to invite the spirit in teaching those I meet with. He does the teaching. I cannot soften someones heart. I love my mission. I love the people. I love the Lord. I know that this gospel is true and that He cares about all of us. Even if there are times that we do no feel that he does. He does. He wants us to just be happy and follow him. It really is so simple. But like I said in a previous email. We just have to do it. And that is hard.
I love you all and have a great week,

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