Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sorry this email is so late. Our library was closed on Monday and yesterday we had no time to email. So we had to talk to some people and do it today instead. It is raining pretty good and we had our car taken from us for the day. The other missionaries needed it for transfer meeting. So we had to bike in the rain which is amazing. Elder Walker and I are staying together. Which is awesome. I love Elder Walker. There is still a lot to do here in the ward and a lot that I am looking forward to. He is a good missionary and has a lot of love for the people.
So Christmas week. Lets see. It was great. We did a lot. Sadly many of our investigators were not around. So we talked to a lot of new people this week. It didn't feel like Christmas week. Tuesday it was 84 degrees and then by Saturday it was 40. A big drop. One part of the week you are sweating on your bike and getting home and turning the A/C on and the next day you are shivering and get home and turn the heater on. There is no consistency with Houston weather. It keeps things interesting though so you are always on your toes. It adds some excitement to, with not knowing what the temperature or weather will be like the next day.
On Christmas we gathered as a zone and played games and ate food. There are a lot of missionaries that I am close to in this zone. Some of them are being transferred which is pretty sad but there are still some that I just love. Elder Cayas is here int he zone and is staying. Although I don't get to see him often it is good to see him some of the time. He is a great missionary and one of my favorites. I love that guy so much. He taught me a lot of things being with him.
Christmas morning started with gathering as a district to open presents and read scriptures. We had a good time and it was better than last years Christmas morning. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had these green sweaters that we wore and we looked kinda goofy but it was fun.
We also gathered for zone conference last week. Half of it was like normal and the other half was games and the gift exchange. I ended up with this cool flashlight. It was so much fun. President Saylin's parents were there and they are not members. They enjoyed it and President Saylin was very happy that they decided to join us. It made me think about how important the gospel is and that we can never give up on anybody even if they don't want to hear it. My mission president is one of the greatest men that i know. He is one of the greatest examples to me of what I want to be when it comes to my standing with God. You can tell that he obeys the Lord in everything that he can think of and just glows with the spirit. I feel the spirit every time that I am around him and it just makes me more excited to feel what it will be like to stand before the Savior and feel of his countenance.
I love you all and I hope that this week goes well for you. Have a great new year and resolve to be better. I love you and I will talk to y'all next week.

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