Monday, December 13, 2010

This is my life.....

Again the weather cannot make up its mind. I have shivered this week and I have broken a sweat. There have been days in the high 70's and days in the mid 40's. Yesterday was in the 40's and Saturday was in the 70's. It is crazy. I looked at a pool this week and said to myself that it would feel good to jump in. Then a day later I looked at it and when I thought of jumping into it in my mind I shivered. It is cold today but should be getting warmer. I love being in this weather. You never know whatcha gunna get. Don't worry parents and grandparents I have a jacket. I stay warm when it is cold and I  stay cool when it is warm.
If the weather was like this every day of the year it would be a pleasant place when it comes to weather. Now sure there aren't the beautiful landscapes but it is good enough. I do miss the mountains and hills though. It is so flat. Now that I am up near the city more it seems a little less flat just because of the buildings. But it is still flat. There aren't any sky scrapers in my area so no camera shots of a ton of land but it is a nice place.
This week we have been teaching some great people. There is so much that we have been doing and that we have been put into. There are many families that we are teaching and that are progressing. This past week we started teaching a family of 9 and a few of their relatives. As well there have been some other families and single people that are showing sincere interest in the gospel and that are gaining testimonies of their own. We taught a lady this week who at first repelled the idea of additional scripture. Then she embraced the Book of Mormon after letting us explain a little about it. SHe loves that book now. When we went over and taught the family they had some of their friends and relatives over. She speaks Spanish and some English and her friends just speak Spanish. She taught them what we had taught her and she testified of the Book of Mormon and told them that they have to read it. It was so cool. She already has a strong testimony and truly wants to follow the Savior.
This week was full of great feelings. There have been people who are open to meeting with us, many great spiritual feelings and experiences, and some great things that I have been learning. I felt the spirit a lot in my life this week. Not necessarily the most intense experiences with the spirit but most likely the longest periods of time were I have felt the Holy Ghost in my life. I love being a missionary. Everything that you do has an eternal purpose. Everything is important. It makes me feel a lot more responsibility than I did back at home. I love it because then when we are wiling to give more the Lord gives more to us. President Gordon B. Hinckley once said that we shouldn't use the word 'sacrifice' as much as we do in the church. The truth is that when we sacrifice for the Lord it is more of an investment than a sacrifice. He never lets us put Him in our debt.
I love the blessings of the gospel. I look forward to this coming week as well as Christmas week. I would be lying if I said that I am not looking forward to being able to call home. It is going to be exciting. I love being able to talk with someone instead of through emails or letters. Sorry yall always have to read my letters. I am not a great writer and emails and letters really don't convey who I really am. If I was a better writer than maybe it would but for now this is all ya get.
love yall and have a great week.

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