Monday, August 16, 2010

Spiders, snakes, and crazy dogs

Yesterday we had an investigator fireside. It was one of the largest that I have had. It was sooo cool. The speakers were great. One of the speakers was a man that I taught in Angleton that joined the church shortly after I left. He has been around for 20 years on and off. His wife joined the church and he just put up a wall that he us catholic and was going to die a catholic. Then he told of how he finally took it seriously and prayed and read about the Book of Mormon and got his answer. He encouraged everyone there to not put off  joining the church and just find out if it is true and follow your answer now. He said that he feels like he wasted 20 years of being confused in his mind and wishes he could go back and tell himself that he should join.
It was a good fireside. President Whipple, the stake president, spake as well. He had a similar experience to President Saylins. But he joined when he was 19. I like our stake president down here. He is a good man and a good speaker. He really cares about others and I am happy that he is so enthusiastic about missionary work in the Bay City Stake.
So this week was a pretty good week. We had exchanges again and I got to go up to Wharton with Elder Sharp again. I did this before a few months back. We had a good time and taught some good people. We had some funny highlights from our exchange that in looking back made us laugh. The first is that we were riding our bikes and came across a HUGE spider. I would send home a picture if I would have had my camera on me. It was the largest spider I have seen in the wild that isn't a daddy long leg. It was big and the fangs were big so we didn't get too close. It was cool.
Anyways the second random thing is that there was a poisonous snake that this lady had hid in this ladies garden. She was working on her garden and was scared that it would bite her. SO she asked us if we could kill it because she was older and scared. So we helped this lady and tried to shoo it off but it wouldn't leave so we killed it. It was kinda weird that it all happened.
Another story is that Elder Sharp almost got ran over by a car because a dog was chasing him and he was trying to get away and he just missed the car. So we turned around thinking sadly that the dog was going to be hit but the car just barely passed it. We felt so relieved. I would be so sad if a dog died chasing one of us. After that the dog left us alone.
SO those are my quick storys about his week. I can't think of any other funny ones right now but I am sure that there are many. I am just used to seeing and hearing funny stuff or seeing weird stuff.
Elder Jensen is entering into his last week as a missionary. I am so sad that he is going to be gone so soon. I remember the day that he became my companion. Good times. I hope that I see him again. He told me that he would stay in touch and that he would be sending me letters. He is cool so I bet he will. Elder Jensen is one of my best friends and I was so sad to see him at the fireside because it will be the last time I see him until I go visit Utah, when I have money. But he will probably get married before I get home so I might not get to hang out with him right when I get home. He is a good missionary though and I will miss him very much. I learned a lot from him and he is going to be very sad to be home.
We have talked to many good people this week. There is one man. He is a reverend at a non-denominational church in Needville. He is a nice guy and knows a lot about the scriptures. We talked with him on Tuesday and he likes to talk a lot. He talked to us about things that he says that he has learned from the spirit. He taught us on things that he had discovered and that nobody else teaches. He talked to us and "taught" us about the pre-existance, the purpose of life to be more like God, the spirit world, the third heaven, and resurrection being body and spirit uniting. It was pretty cool. He is someone that already not knowing believes in what we believe. We are going to see him tomorrow. He is a great guy.
I love my mission and I loved this past week. I really hope that things start to get better and better. It seems kinda up and down lately. I don't have much to update on for this past week but life is good. The church is true. And the savior really did come to this earth. I know he did.
I love you all and wish you a happy week.

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