Friday, July 30, 2010

BAY CITY: The Movie

July 26

About the title. I wish it were true.
This week in church we talked about the pioneers and about people who have made big pioneering efforts for the church. There were a lot of really funny and interesting stories but my favorite was a story about how the members got the land for the church.
Many years ago there was a branch in the little town of Bay City. They started to grow and eventually needed a meeting house. So they started looking for land to purchase to build the church on. There was a perfect area of town just outside the center of town. It was in a great location and would not be on the main street but it would not be too far from the center of town. However this piece of land was owned by an old lady who would not sell the land to the members of the church. The members went over constantly to try to persuade her to let them buy the land. The woman would always refuse saying that the land was given to her as an inheritance and she would not sell it. The members strongly felt that this is where the church building was to be built. This happened for some time. The members were willing to pay a very reasonable price for the land but still the woman would not sell. So one day, one of the members who goes over frequently to try to purchase the land wanted to go over top talk to lady and was determined to purchase the land. He went up to the door and knocked. The same thing happened that always happened. She would just not sell it. Before leaving the member said that if she would not sell the land then something bad would happen. She would not listen.
The member now tired of his seemingly useless efforts returned home. Upon arriving at home he received a phone call from the old lady who refused to sell the land. She told him that she was going to sell them the land. He asked why the sudden change of heart. She told him that after he left a storm came through. A lightning bolt struck the dry grass and lit the field on fire. The field they wanted to buy was now completely burnt away. So she sold them the land and the church now stands in the field where this occurred. And that is how Bay City got it's church building.
Now to the missionary work. My bike is up and running again thanks to a great member. He fixed my bike for free and put some new nice parts on it to help it run better. He is really good at riding bikes. He rides with a group and last week went 105 miles without having to stop. He is pretty intense when it comes to biking. That family is hilarious as well. They have the same humor that I do and like the stuff I do. Pretty funny.
Anyways, this past week was really good. We found more people and taught some great lessons. We had a missionary with Elder Cayas and I for a few days. His name is Elder Richardson. He is in Victoria and he was with us because his companion was in Sugar Land for meetings back and forth for a few days. He is a great missionary. So it was a little different having another missionary in our companionship for a few days. But this week we had a number of very special and spiritual lessons. I am so privileged to be able to be a member of the true church and have all the answers to the questions that are on people's minds. It is such a blessing. So many people have so many questions about the purpose of life and many other things that you just can't find answers for unless you are talking about the restored gospel. I love it so much. Many people just do not understand how true, real, and applicable the gospel really is. But when you apply it to your life and truly live the gospel then your life changes. You can tell. The gospel is true. I know it is. Know, not believe.(ALMA 32)
The work goes wonderfully. Elder Robertson is home now. He got home July 21st. He is going to school in Wyoming for a year then back to Saint George, Utah. Then Elder Jensen will be going home the end of this transfer in 4 weeks. Everyone is leaving me. I don't like being the old or older missionary. I don't feel like I have been out for a year and three months. It's crazy. I don't like thinking about it. I wish it will never end. There is nothing I wish I could be doing more than inviting people to be truly happy. Mission = THE BEST.
So that is my life. I like it. I hope you all have a great week. LOVE YALL,

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