Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have a new companion. His name is Elder Cayas. He is from the Philippines. He speaks Tagolag, Mandarin Chinese, and English. He is really cool and a nice companion. I was sad to see Elder Hansen go but Elder Cayas is a good Elder. Elder Hansen is in Herman Park(Houston). Basically a part of Houston. He is going to like it there. He does already miss Bay City though. I would too. This is a good place.

So more about Elder Cayas. this is his first time in America. He got to the MTC in December and was there 3 months learning Chinese. He is here in Bay City were there are hardly any Asian people. Anytime we see someone Asian he tries to talk with them hoping that they are Philipino or Chinese. He is a good missionary and a hard worker. He loves the people already and he will be a great companion. I would be lying however if I said that I did not miss Elder Hansen. He is a good friend and one of my best friends I have ever had. President Saylin told me yesterday that he feels like we will be serving around each other again in the future. I sure hope so. If I could pick any missionary to be the one that kills me I would want it to be him. (Kill is a term for the missionary that is with you in your last transfer in the mission.) But luckily Elder Cayas is a good man and we already get along great. I never thought I would like rice this much but he makes it really good. I am not the best cook but he is real good.

So some big stuff in the ward here. This week all of the youth in the stake are going to be gone to Youth conference. It is a week long and they are taking buses up to Navoo. Pretty cool. They will be back on Saturday. So alot of the sisters in the ward are going as chaperones and to run it. So that means not alot of meals this week because the brothers don't cook that much or work. But not everyone is gone. Our investigator, Daniel, got permission to go on the trip with the youth. He is 17 and he is gunna love it. He is a great kid with a stronger testimony than many people. He is even an example to me at times. He has great faith.

My birthday went well. I received some packages as well as some really great cards and letters. Thank you everyone who sent me something. I loved it all. Hopefully Mama's birthday went well as well as Jared's today. Wish him a happy birthday if you haven't. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

This week our apartment was inspected. We weren't that scared because it was pretty clean. Imagine that. Elder Marr clean. But it was clean. Elder and Sister Dunning are couple missionaries and take care of the apartments and inspect them. They are really funny too. They took us out to lunch afterward. Anyways that stuff isn't that cool. I thought it was but for normal people it isn't that cool I bet.


Our gospel principles teacher is a nice guy and a good teacher. However he is really nerdy. I mean that in the nicest way possible. He is just a little geeky. Anyways he wares glasses and always talks about deep things or scientific looks on things. Anyways, we go over to his house because he is the person to turn to when you have a bike problem. So we went over and knocked on his door. We had tried to call before but nobody picked up the phone, so we just stopped by to see if he was home. We knock. Then he answers the door. He just got back from biking so he is wearing under armor. He is ripped! Elder Cayas and I were shocked. Upon leaving his home we both said that we have found a real life Superman. (Except his glasses were on.) It was really Superman. I am still shocked at what I saw. Then on Sunday he told us that he went for a 100+ mile bike ride with some other people on Saturday. THAT IS AMAZING!!! I wish I was that good on a bike.

Besides all of that stuff the usual. We taught a couple of good lessons and we are teaching some new people. Today earlier we painted a kitchen with some other people and helped them out. It took a while but it was fun. I like to paint. It really doesn't bother me all that much. I would rather be a painter than work at a fast food restaurant if that is all that is available when I am forced to go home.

There was more that happened this week but I can't remember. I wrote it all down in my planner but I left that at my apartment. Sooooo this week's email will not have alot of great stuff. Next week I will try to remember to send an email with more stuff from this past week.

love yall and have a great week,


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