Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not much new

This past week was the coolest rain I have ever been in. we got a little of the runoff from the hurricane that hit Mexico. So it rained a lot. We had a little flooding and all that. We were actually knocking on door for 2 hours when the rain was the worst. the water got up about a foot on the streets. It was crazy. I have never been that wet and not cared before. I figured I was going to be soaked so no reason to try and stay dry. It was fun but nobody let us in to talk to them because we were so wet.
Really this week was pretty normal. Nothing out of the normal besides the rain. Life is good. we have been trying to find some new people to teach which is going pretty well. The youth down here next week will be going to Navoo in a bunch of buses for youth conference. Which means that half the ward is going to be chaperones. So meals will be little next week. My companion and I are doing very well. We are trying to stay out of the heat that has randomly appeared after the rain. Yesterday was 97. It was hot. I wish it didn't get so hot but that is just part of Texas.
We are teaching a new lady named Charlotte. She is way nice and kind. We set an appointment with her and she told us she had somewhere to go. Then we came back later when she told us to and she wasn't there so we left a note. We had a few more people to try in this apartment complex so we walked around talking to a few people. Then we felt like we should go back and knock on her door. She answered and told us that she prayed and asked God to send us back to her if she needs to hear what we have to say. It was a really good lesson and she is a really sincere person. I look forward to being able to teach her more.
This week has been filled with deep doctrine. I love deep doctrine but it is mostly unimportant things. But we have some members here who know more about the gospel than i think anyone I have ever met before in my life. It is crazy. The gospel has so much that you can look into if you want but you have to look for it. That is what I love about the gospel. It is simple or as complex as you want. Hours upon hours can be spent studying a simple principle if you want to go deep enough.
Anyways on to more important things. My life is good. I am excited for my birthday this week on Saturday. I think I might go out to eat lunch or something. It will be fun. Birthdays are different on the mission. Not as exciting. You don't really do much different.
Well sorry this was so boring. My life really is good there just isn't that much to talk about that is new this past week. I love you all and I hope that this week goes well for yall.

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