Friday, July 30, 2010


July 19

This week there have been a couple of interesting things. We have found a lot more people to teach. We are trying to constantly find more people to help and teach about the gospel. Bay City is small but the people are nice and willing to talk with us. Some of the past missionaries really set a good example for the people in the area and it helps people be more open to talking with us. The only problem about Bay City is that it is filled with churches and other beliefs. Most people have been raised in these churches and have never experienced something else. It becomes a tradition or something your raised with and then they don't want to change. But the people have a strong belief in God and The Savior.

So this week on Sunday something really funny and surprising happened. Elder Caya's Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, and Grandmother showed up to church. They live in San Antonio about 2 hours away. Elder Cayas emailed them and told them not to come and visit him on his mission and that the mission president was going to let them see him at the end of his mission. But they showed up to the one place that we can't run from. The Church. They stayed through church and took 3 pictures afterward then left. They also brought him a bunch of Philipeno food. It was actually really good. Anyways he was in shock because that is not supposed to happen and all the members saw them. They were even relatives on his father's side so their last name was Cayas. Luckily the member's didn't judge him. They understood that he really didn't have anything he could do but to talk to them and stay at church. He wished they would not have come but he did like to see family none the less. He has talked with them a lot over the phone but never met them in person besides his grandma and uncle.
So there is the most exciting story from this week. Soooo funny. But Elder Cayas is a good missionary and it isn't making him trunky.
The church has a set of DVD's called "THE DISTRICT." It has been around since 2004. I think. Anyways it talks about how to use preach my gospel and how to be a missionary. It follows real missionaries teaching real people. Like a reality TV show. But it's a little different. Anyways The District has been around for a while. They just came out with the District 2. San Diego mission. The first district is as if everything goes perfect and the missionaries are robots. But the ditrict 2 follows missionaries how they really are. They followed pretty good or ok missionaries instead of the 6 most perfect missionaries like the first district. If you know any R.M.s tell them about it and that they have to see it. It is awesome.
I need to quite saying awesome and anyways.
It has been hot and humid and rainy. at 12:00am it will be 93 then it will rain and two hours later be 81 then by the time the rain goes away by 5:00 it will be back to about 91 plus 89% humidity. So rain cooled you off a little but after it passes things get worse. Many storms have been rolling over us so they look scary and big and thunderous but we don't get hit by most of them being so close to the coast. Yep rain. Yep.....
My bike is being fixed by a member who is way cool. It made me a little sad last time we went over there last week. They have the exact taste of TV and comedy especially as I do. They were talking about Firefly, Arrested Development, and Strong Bad emails when we got there. I miss that stuff. But I really am not going to care about it as much when I get home. I got a letter from Elder Garcia telling me that life at home stinks compared to life in the mission field. I have heard that it just isn't as cool and the work you are doing isn't as eternally important. I love being on a mission. This week went by WAY TOO fast. But that is good. It means that you are busy and keep busy.

I love you all and I hope that all goes well wherever you are.



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