Monday, March 29, 2010

25 cents and a hubcap

Hello Sunshine,

I love my mission. It is so full of great things and is really tough. I love it. This week we had the great privilege to go to the Lord's house. I love the temple. It is so calming and so good feeling. The spirit is felt there and it is a place of refuge. There were allot of people there that I knew. After the session we went out to get half of our mission in a photo. I was able to talk to Elder Robertson and Elder Garcia. Which was awesome. They are great missionaries and are having a great time. Elder Robertson misses Friendswood but likes Galveston as well. He is doing very well and I was very happy to be able to see him. I will get to see him again this week for Zone Conference. Also this week will be crazy. We have an all day meeting, P-day, Planning day, and General Conference. It is going to be a tough week for missionary work.

Let's see other things that have happened this past week. There have been allot of good things that have happened. One of them is very cool. We have an investigator that we have been teaching for a while and has been coming to church every week. We have invited her to be baptized before and she has told us that she is not ready yet. That she wants to learn more. So we have been teaching her. We went over there this past Thursday to have our lesson. We usually talk for a few minutes then start to talk about the gospel and teach. Nothing seemed different when we were talking to her and her member husband before we started to teach. She then took her daughter to bed and came back out. She then said; "Okay let's get down to business. I have decided that I need to get baptized. What do I have to do?" It was awesome. Elder Johnson and I were a little shocked but extremely happy. So we talked to her about it and set a day. She was so excited that this past Sunday in Relief Society she announced that she would be getting baptized on that certain day. That is not like her. It was great. I look forward to that day. I am so excited for her. Also this week we had another lady we are teaching talk about when her baptism is going to be. It will be a few months but she has a great testimony. She has already given up drinking and smoking for months now and hasn't fallen back. I love to see when people are able to see the gospel touch their lives and change them. I have seen many good people be more and more happy the more they give themselves over to the Lord. It is something that I cannot deny and something that is a blessing to see.

Something that I have been really seeing is how doing those small and simple things are not as hard as you would think. Praying, reading your scriptures, going to church, pondering the things you have learned, being obedient, these things just bring happiness. The gospel is ultimately just for us to be as happy as we can possibly be. Every commandment and rule is there for us to be happy and free. Many people see the rules as things to bind us down when they actually make us free. Especially the Word of Wisdom.

I love my mission and I love all of you. If there is anything that I can do for any of you let me know. I know that writing more exciting letters would be one of those things but I am not that exciting.

Today we are going to get some other missionaries car fixed. There brakes have problems. So nothing too exciting today but it will be relaxing to be doing something like this. We usually are playing basketball or something like that. Well I am gonna stop rambling. I hope that all of you have a great week and keep doing your best.


Elder Devon J. Marr

P.S. HAPPY JOELICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. Happy Easter as well. Make sure you take time to listen to all of the talks given by God's servants the Prophet and the Apostles. This is a great blessing that only a few people take advantage of.

My title has nothing to do with my email. If you were wondering.

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