Monday, March 1, 2010

ZONE CONFERENCE W/ Elder Zwick of the 70

This past week was amazing. We had a zone conference with Elder Zwick of the 70 that was wonderful. We all got to shake his hand and hear him speak. Usually in a meeting like this they ask you to do certain things. He never told us something to do. He just talked and taught and invited us to listen to the spirit and let Him tell us what we can do differently from then on. The spirit was stronger in that meeting than in any one I have ever had before. Rhett Oliver came with us and talked to President Saylin, Elder Zwick, and our stake president. Rhett may be serving as an Elder for a few weeks here in our mission during transfer time. He is a great guy and has such a good testimony of the gospel. He was talking with us this week and told us that when he got back he had fun watching movies and TV and other things but that it is not as satisfying as before. He feels like it is a good thing that he came home for a time because of his leg to give him a better appreciation of this work and being a missionary. He wants to go back really bad.

The meeting was great he talked about having a sure foundation. Having a solid foundation of Christ is one of the most important things. I felt like I need to read more out of the Bible especially the "gospels." Learning about the savior and who he really is is extremely important. A lot of people think that we don't believe in Christ but worship prophets. That doesn't make any sense. We believe in Christ and God just as much as others. We also have even more evidence of Christ's love for the earth and the people on it. I love the gospel.

He also told lots of stories about the general authorities. Especially President Hinckley and Elder Irering. He talked about how much energy President Hinckley had and how he was like a young man in stamina. There was one story he told that I really liked; President Hinckley was going through the different sessions of dedicating the Nauvoo temple. Upon leaving the temple there were some 2000 people outside just wanting to get a look at him. Elder and Sister Zwick were with him at the time. He told them to go and wait in the car if they wanted. He then told them that he just wanted to shake a few hands. 2 1/2 hours and 2000 hands later they left to the airport to go to New York. Elder and Sister Zwick were invited to fly on the same plane that President Hinckley was going to fly on. Immediately when you were allowed to take off your seat-belt President Hinckley got up and said; "It's time to exercise." He started stretching and walking up and down the plane doing different work outs. They were shocked at his energy levels. When the plane landed Elder and Sister Zwick went with President Hinckley to drop off their luggage. Then they took the car to the Hill Cumorah. You can drive almost all the way to the top. But not President Hinckley. He asked to be dropped off at the bottom and jogged to the top. They were amazed at his energy and stamina. They thought surely the Lord gave him this strength at this time. The whole time Elder and Sister Zwick were exhausted and couldn't imagine how President Hinckley could have so much energy if not a servant of the Lord.

This week has been pretty good apart from the amazing zone conference. I was excited to get a copy of Blaine's departing talk at church. I hope that he has a great time. I know he will work hard and do a great job. Something else I learned was how missionaries are called into there missions. But that will have to wait for another time. I love my mission and I may very possibly be getting transferred in a week and a half. Most likely one of us will be leaving. But who knows what the Lord wishes for this area. I trust that President Saylin will do the Lord's will here and will send me where the Lord wants me to go.

I love you all and I hope that this week goes well for all of you.


Elder Devon J. Marr


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