Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi everybody! I have a new companion and he is cool. But before I talk about him I will just mention a little about Elder Robertson. He is in Galveston now and was very excited. I miss him and I hope that he is having a great time down there. He was a great missionary and a great companion. Rhett or rather Elder Oliver is in Silver lake which is in our zone so I will see him three times at the least this transfer for meetings and such. Elder Oliver was very excited to get back to missionary work.

My new companions name is Elder Johnson. He has been in the mission for nine months and is a Spanish missionary. He has been in the city his whole mission. His first area he told me that he never saw anybody besides Hispanics and in his second area was the same. He told me that even in Chinese restaurants the menu is in Spanish. He hasn't prayed in English since the MTC and is having an interesting time readjusting to this area. He still thinks in Spanish so it takes him a moment to respond. He is a good missionary and I look forward to serving with him this transfer. Sadly he will most likely only be with me for this transfer. There were alot of missionaries who came in this transfer and none of them were Spanish. So in order to have them trained in their language they moved out many Spanish missionaries for a transfer until more english missionaries arrive. Back to Elder Johnson. He lives in Ogden Utah and is studying to be a nurse. he already has his associates and is planning on getting his masters. He is very intelligent and a nice guy.

Elder Jones my MTC companion is in our district now. It is great to see him again and to talk to him about the old days back at the MTC. He is a great missionary and is doing very well. Elder Maw who was replaced by Elder Jones, (That makes it sound really bad), has been moved for his last transfer into the city.

So what is Elder Dudgeon's address? I would like to send him a letter. Anyways.

This past week has been alright. the weather is starting to heat up fast. It is really warm and a little humid. Yesterday was perfect it felt like a summer day in Washington. Now is the best time of the year here. Except those who have allergies. Elder Johnson is having a rough time with his allergies. There is a lot of pollen in the air.

Sorry this email is so scattered and doesn't have much information about my area. things are going well. The ward is strong and there have been some people coming back to church. Also our investigators are doing well. We have alot of member involvement here in this ward which makes all the difference.

I love my mission and I love all of you. thank you for your emails and your letters and packages and girl scout cookies and prayers and everything you all do for me. It really lets me know that I am loved. I wish a good week to all of you and I hope that life keeps going well.


Elder Devon Joel Marr


The gospel is true.

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