Monday, March 22, 2010

Another short email

This email will be short.

We are teaching a great man by the name of John Kanon. He has a great determination to learn and to study as much as he can. He loves the church and really likes that the church makes sense. He is a great man and I love teaching him and being his friend. We have a member who takes us over there every week who really helps us out a ton. He is a worker in the temple and he has a great testimony and gospel understanding.

This week was warm and beautiful. Except for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we left the apartment and we saw a huge dark cloud. We kept riding hoping that it would go some other direction. But as you can imagine it didn't. We were riding and we were talking to a man in front of his house. He said that he needed to get inside before it started raining and then it started raining very hard. He was nice and asked if we needed a ride. We said yes and he talked to us about how he had friends that have gone on missions and that he ironically had talked to one of them the other day. We are going back over there this week to see him again. He is a great guy and I hope that he is one ready to except the gospel. Sunday was just cold. There has been weather traveling from the west with very strong winds and cold air. It has cooled things off here very quickly.

This Friday we get to go to the temple. I am really looking forward to it and looking forward to being there. Since we only get to go twice a year it is kind of a special thing even more than it already is. I was going to send pictures home this week on a cd but I am going to wait until I have pictures of the temple to send home with it. Sorry this email is so short but there wasn't a lot out of the ordinary that has happened this week.


Elder Devon J. Marr

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