Monday, January 25, 2010


You can send your stuff once again to for a little while longer till he moves into an apartment
701 Mary Ann Dr.
Friendswood, TX

This week has been beautiful. the weather has been
So good. I love it here in Friendswood and I will be staying for at least one more transfer. Elder Robertson is staying here as well. We are both very happy to be staying here and as companions. This week was a little bit more tough than usual.

Most people weren’t at home or weren’t around. Also a lot of our investigators got busy or sick so there were some that we didn’t even see and others that we only saw at church and talked to on the phone. There is a part member family that has been coming to church the past two weeks and they are awesome. We have taught him several lessons and he is not a member. He was at first opposed to it and since we have been meeting with him he has really enjoyed church. He works 12 hour days on Saturday and he gets home late but he is determined to come to church. He is a great guy and I love talking to that family.

This week a lot of some of my really close missionary friends are packing their bags. Elder Voeks flies home tomorrow along with many other great missionaries. It is sad to see them leave and to see them all have to give up the title of missionary. I will miss them all a lot.

The Oliver family has been a great family to us these past few months. They feed us a ton and they are always willing to help. There son who is home for medical reasons goes out with us all of the time and he helps us teach and gives rides to us. He also is willing to do anything for us as long as we ask. We are getting together after the mission for sure. He would have been a really great friend especially if I would have met him before the mission.

This week we got a call on Wednesday from Bro. Mckee. He asked to talk to me. So I answered the phone and he asked me if I would give a talk that Sunday. I said sure and talked with him about what I should give it on then I asked him how long it should be. I said; “So should I prepare a 10 minute talk or so?” He told me to prepare a 15-20 minute talk. Even though I am on my mission speaking to a large group of people is tough especially at church. I gave the talk though and I am glad I prepared for a long talk because I was the last speaker and had to talk until the end of sacrement meeting.

I want to share an experience I had this week with all of you. Elder Robertson and I were heading out for our day to talk to people and we had several appointments. All of our appointments canceled and no one answered their phones and no one was around to talk to. I started to get discouraged. This has happened several times this past week and I just felt like going back and taking a nap. But I prayed for strength to get through it. I was still having troubles. I didn’t know what it was. I was working I was doing all that I could and nothing seemed to change anything. I felt like throwing in the towel that day. But I felt like we should go back and have a lesson with one of our recent converts. They were home luckily and I felt impressed to read Moroni 7. She liked it but I feel also that I really needed it. The beginning of the chapter talks about the difference between the feelings that God gives us, and the feelings Satan gives us. It talks about how God will not give us feelings to give up or to get discouraged. He only gives us feelings to do the right thing. I read this and I felt the spirit. I know that the Book of Mormon is true because it has done things like this for me more than just once. The Lord can answer prayers through the scriptures. He as for me. I am so happy to be on a mission and it has brought me so much joy. Thank you all for your support and love. Have a great week.


Elder Devon J. Marr

P.S. If I have not replied to any letters written recently please forgive me. We don’t get mail that often. You can now send mail to the member we live with again. It is all cool. Then when we eventually do move into the apartment in a few weeks I will give you that address.

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