Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Martin Luther King jr. day late email.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day everyone. The library was closed yesterday that is why this is late and stuff. The weather here has been very rainy and cold this past week. Mostly rainy. It has been wet and overcast the past week with hardly any sun brakes. It has been a little more of an adventure in the rain but I have enjoyed it. This past week has reminded me a lot of home. This week it will be sunny and it is already warmer so things are going back to how they should be in Texas.

Last week was very productive. It was one of the best weeks in this area. We had a lot of lessons and follow up with our investigators. Also we have been meeting a lot of new people and have been getting to know them. There is an 18 year old man who lives a few houses down from us. He has a lot of problems and has had a rough past. But when we talked to him he expressed a desire to change. He told us that those things that he was doing are not bringing him happiness like he thought that they would. We talked to him about the Atonement and how he can change and put his past behind him because of the sacrifice of Christ. We meet with him every day and he is a great guy who I pray will be able to get over his past and choose a better future. He is an example to me that even if you sort of know what someone is like they still need the gospel. I would have never dreamed of teaching him or even him being receptive to what we talk about but the spirit can change the hearts of others and testify of the truth even to those who you would never think to be interested or even open. It is experiences like this that keep me on my mission. We try to give everyone the same chance in a hope to find someone who is open and willing to try the experiment mentioned in Alma 32 and plant the gospel in their hearts and to see if it grows.

This week I went on exchanges with Elder Nielsen one of the zone leaders. I went to his area which is Friendswood 2. We had a lot fun and taught a lot of great people. The people in the city of Friendswood are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Even if they do not want to hear what you have to say they are usually extremely nice. I don’t think I will ever move back to the Houston area but if I had to I would probably live in Friendswood.

We have an investigator and his name is Brad. I may have mentioned him before but he is a great guy. He has a strong testimony and isn’t even a member yet. He does “home teaching” with Brother Williamson and this week at church I overheard him getting on Brother Williamson that they had to go out this week to see the families they teach. It was awesome. He is a great guy and he is a good friend. I look forward to the day when he is baptized into Christ’s church. He will be a very happy man.

Things have been a lot more busy but in a different way. The past while most of our business has been trying to find people to teach and meeting the members but lately it has been trying to make time and contact all of those who are interested in the gospel. We have a lot of people to teach just planning everything out is the tough part. I feel very bless that we have so many people to teach. It is definitely nothing that Elder Robertson and I did because we are not the best missionaries. I feel for the missionaries in Europe especially missions in Spain or Greece were a missionary usually doesn’t even have one baptism the whole time they are there. They in my opinion are some of the best who go through the toughest experiences but they stick it our because they know that the gospel is true and in a hope to let those answers they have found be found by others.

Yesterday we went putt-putt golfing. Elder Robertson destroyed all of us missionaries and beat us by far. It was fun but the course was pretty lame. We all had a great time though. The missionaries in this district are all very great and it is very easy to get along with them. Elder Nielsen and Elder Schwartzman are especially funny.

Well my emails aren’t what they used to be but I will keep trying to make them better. I love you all and I hope that you have a great week.


Elder Devon J. Marr

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