Monday, January 4, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is 2010!!!!!!

Just to let you all know I will not be able to get mail very fast so I might not be able to respond to a letter for a few weeks. Also after this week we cannot except emails from any non immediate family members. I wish I could but that is the rule.

This past week it has been cold. It has been in the 50’s during the day all week and this week it is supposed to have days with a high of 30. It is crazy cold. Everyone here is complaining a bunch but all of the missionaries are mostly from Utah and I am from Washington so we are used to it but the people are freezing. (Mom I do have a coat that I wear that keeps me warm so don’t worry).

This week we switched over to the 9:00am church time. It is a lot different than the 1:00pm time. A lot more people showed up for church which was actually really cool. I think that this time is a lot better for the kids and stuff because 1:00 is right in the middle of their nap time.

The members this week split up into committees to talk about missionary work for the ward mission plan. The members are very excited to share the gospel and help others know what they know. There has been a great spirit in the church lately that the members recognize and are willing to follow. That is one thing that I love about the church. When you seek the spirit and let it into your life it can tell you great things and can influence you to do things that you don’t even necessarily want to do but the Lord needs you to do them. I used to rationalize the feelings of the spirit and say that my mind could be making it up. I have seen how I have felt the spirit the strongest when it is telling me to do something that I do not want to do. Why would I trick myself into thinking something that I don’t even want to do? I have been a lot happier ever since I have understood at least to some degree the spirit and how to be guided by it. It will be a life long pursuit but it is worth it.

Yesterday we went to a baptism. Elder Robertson had taught this couple in Angleton. One of them is a member and he was not. He came to know it was true and they got married a few days ago and moved into the Friendswood 2 ward boundaries. He was baptized last night and was sooo happy. Elder Robertson really got his spirits lifted by that. It is so great to hear about a family that finds the truth and seeing them be blessed by the Lord.

So for New Years Eve we went to the Segrera’s. We ate dinner and got to play games until 9:00. The rule was that unless you had something to do or a place to be at you had to be in by 7:00. But we had dinner and could be around them. It was fun. Sorry if this email is really boring my good writing skills are gone (did I ever have them?). Bro. Segrera is a really nice guy and helps us out a lot. Him and his family are taking care of Magda’s dogs while she is out of town.

With this New Year I have allot of things that I want to improve about myself. I have already changed a ton. This mission has been tough at times so far but the blessings are sooo worth it. And to be able to see the gospel bless the lives of others is something that is hard to describe. I love every moment of my mission. It is so worth it. I wish that I could do it forever but I will be able to part time when I am home. Everyone is a missionary. Then when I am dead I want to do it full time again. I love the work.

Heavenly Father exists. Jesus Christ is His son. They love us and they have a plan for us. I know that because I have done the things that they have asked me to do and I am blessed and things always seem to be better than when I am not.


Elder Devon J. Marr

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