Monday, July 27, 2009


Just to start off I want to say that this week has been very positive and has really been the most enjoyable week of my mission. I am sorry however about letters. Although this week has been very enjoyable it has been extremely busy. This is probably why I love it so much. But I will try my best to get back to you. We have had several small thunderstorms and a little rain. It has been very humid the past few days which has made it really muggy and hot. But the clouds have been extremely beautiful and large. I love it. The people have been in great moods and have been very funny this week. In particular members. There have been some Rosenberger’s this week. I think if I remember last week I did say what Rosenberger’s are. They are the weird people from Rosenberg. Yesterday for example there were two people who cut me off on the road which nearly caused an accident. Then there were scary people crossing the street and walking down the middle of the road. Also a guy in his car just sitting there in the middle of the road like he wants to turn but never does. Some of them are very odd. But I love it down here. The people are generally really nice even though a little weird.

So this week we have been teaching a couple and they continue to progress. They are so attentive and follow every commitment. We taught them that they need to get married and they accepted easily. She started to cry and it was really sweet. They are going to be baptized a day after their wedding. I normally wouldn’t share so much about an investigator’s stuff but I love them so much. For their wedding the Zeribeniez and the Smiths are going to help them plan and arrange things. Their wedding is in the beginning of September. I am so excited for them. They are going to have it at the stake center and are planning on a lot of people being there. It is so great to see them progress further and further into the gospel. We talk to people all of the time and tell them if they read the scriptures, go to church, and pray to ask if it is true then they will get their answer and it will bless their lives. People generally do not do one of these steps consistently or at all. All we are trying to say is that if you do these things that you will get that answer to your prayer if it is true. The difference about this couple is that they listen, ask questions, go through with commitments, read, go to church, and pray. I am reminded of Alma 32 which talks about if you would “but experiment upon my words and give even a particle of faith, yea, even if you have no more than a desire to believe, then let this desire work in you until you can give place for but a portion of my words.” That is all it takes.

Anyway there is that great news. We had Zone conference this week and let me just say that it was amazing. President Saylin is a very righteous and good man. He talked to us primarily about our purpose as missionaries. He asked us. Some said to baptize, others said to let them know there is a prophet, the Book of Mormon, the restored gospel, Jesus Christ. While these are all true that is not our purpose. We are out here to bring others to exaltation. Baptism is the gate that enters into the path to exaltation but it is not our purpose. We talked about this and how we can help others get there. I felt the spirit very strongly and it was a wonderful discussion. I loved zone conference.

This week on Thursday was Elders Voeks, Olsen, and Cambell’s 18 month mark. Elder Cambell wasn’t able to but we got together and talked for a while. Usually missionaries do something on their 18 month mark but we couldn’t find anything to do. So Elder Voeks and I went to the church building because we saw the Bishop’s car there. We went in and their family was cleaning. We talked to them for a while and they are really cool. Their family is a very genuinely good family. The Bishop is really funny and is respectfully upfront about things. He is a very loving and kind man. Their family reminds me of the Saylins. They are all worthy of an authority position but neither of them ever thought that they would have one. They took us out to DQ after they finished cleaning. It was a really enjoyable day.


So the Zeribelnie’s (who will now go by Z’s) are the fellow shippers to the couple I talked about. They are going to have the couple in their home for the lessons and such. They are also the ones who took the couple to the mission home fireside. Anyway so we have been trying to work out a time that the couple could have a lesson at the Z’s. After church Sister Z walks up and asks if we want to come over for pizza on Monday. We say sure of course. Brother Z then walks up and Elder Voeks starts talking with him about how the couple is going to get a ride to their house. We get a phone call later on from Sister Z the first time and brother Z the second time. They talk to us about how pizza costs a lot and they are not sure. They also sounded like we were pressuring them. We went to dinner shortly after at the Carpenter’s. Little side note the Carpenter’s are some of the coolest people ever. I would be their friend at home if I was a little older. Anyways they tell us that the Z’s talked to them to mention Monday night. As it turns out the Z’s were just inviting Elder Voeks and I not the couple as well. So they thought we were just putting that on them. Elder Voeks and I felt so bad. We called the Z’s and I could hear them on the phone laughing pretty hard. Luckily there is no hard feelings for Elder Voeks and I being nimrods.

I love yall and I hope that you have a great week. I haven’t been typing very fast this week so I apologize.


Elder Devon Joel Marr

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