Monday, August 3, 2009

And it came to pass....

Hello all!!! This week we had interviews with the President. They went really well. I love President Saylin. He is a very loving and caring man who just wants to help and uplift. I look forward to talking to him again. Transfers are coming up not this Wednesday but next Wednesday. Elder Voeks thinks that he will leave because he has been here for 7 transfers. Which is a long time. The President told us this week that the spirit hasn’t told him to open a Needville area yet but that the spirit hasn’t said no yet so he is waiting. The Spirit is something that is overlooked I feel quite a bit in everyday life. But on a mission it is everything. Nothing can be done without it and you rely on it for telling you everything. You still have to work your best and use your brain but having the Spirit confirm something to you is the most important part of missionary work. You rely on him and he relies on you to do what he asks.
We had a very busy week. It was the busiest and also highly enjoyable. Something funny that happened was I was going to teach a lesson with a member on exchanges. We entered the home and they say; “We told you last time we would feed you next time you came.” “It’s ready.” I have absolutely no recollection of them ever saying that they would feed us. Luckily I hadn’t eaten anything yet. They are so nice to cook for us when we are just coming to teach them and talk to them. People down here can surprise you with their love and charity. By the way it was really good lasagna.
This week was good. The couple that I have mentioned they looked at the stake center this week for their wedding. They are going to have it in the gym so that way they can decorate. I am so excited for them. I feel like a girl. Only on a mission. There are a lot of things that Elders find enjoyable that most 19-22 males would never find enjoyable. A mission shows you that TV, movies, video games, the internet, and cell phones all are not what are most important. I love all these things but my mission has showed me that all that matters is people. Some of the blessings of a mission I have found are not just spiritual. You just mature faster. It is really cool.
We took the couple to a baptism last night at another building. They enjoyed it and she cried quite a bit. Then she saw me crying and started to quietly laugh. It was a great baptism. Now that I realize much more what baptism really is I have gained such a better appreciation for it and the gift of the Holy Ghost. The man who was baptized was so happy and it meant so much to him. This work is the best!
This week we had lunch with the Bishop and his family. Normally there is an hour limit to dinner or lunches but with the Bishop you can be there as long as you want. It was so much fun. Their family is hilarious and they are just good people. We talked for a long time and ate fried bread tacos. I never realized how much I missed those until then. I don’t know how it was brought up but they love MST3K. We got laughing so hard about some things. The interactions with people and the other missionaries is one of my favorite parts of the mission. The missionaries mostly because almost all of the ones that I have met are so much fun to be around.
So there is a member who helped a lady we talk to move. He is letting her keep her couch in his garage while she lives with her daughter. His name is Brother Miller. I might have mentioned him in other emails but he is a generous and charitable man. He taught the lady that we moved with Elder Voeks on splits one day. They were showing her a picture of Jesus from the gospel art book (find what this is and buy it, it is $3.50 in some areas and is full of great pictures. It’s a bargain.) She saw one picture that she really loves. It is one that is in many church buildings with Jesus descending out of heaven with the angels blowing their trumpets. It’s a good picture. So Brother Miller when helping this lady tells her to wait a second right after dropping off the couches at his garage. He comes out with a huge framed version of the picture and gives it to the lady that he has met once. My favorite part of this is that he did it with no other motive than to be charitable and to see someone else have joy. That is what the gospel is all about. Being truly sincere and a good person who cares about others before themselves. I love this work and I love all of you. I don’t think that I knew love the way that I do now. Heavenly Father has let me feel his love and his love for others. It is something that I am extremely grateful for. I have realized how much I love you all at home out here and not just because I have been away from you. It is deeper than that. I appreciate all of you and I hope that you all continue to progress and to grow while I am gone. Do not endure to the end. But progress to the end. That is what the gospel is all about. I love you all and have a great time wherever you may be.


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