Monday, July 6, 2009


I have spent 50 minutes on an email making it really long and really good. I went to push the minimize button to see how much time I had left and closed the window to it. I will try to cover all I can in letters. I am sending my pictures home today but the picture places have had computer problems and I can't find a case for my memory card.

We met the Saylins. I will talk about that in letters. We had a huge thunderstorm that was AWESOME!!! I have been waiting for one for a long time. It rained really hard as well. We had some great lessons this week and alot more people that we work with show up to church which really helped them out. Elder Voeks is staying in the mission despite some medical problems. We are working hard and doing better than ever. We have two new missionaries we do stuff with. Elder Mcgraff and Sister Hamlin. They are hard workers and they are really fun. For the 4th of July we went to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks which was really cool. We were lucky and got a really good spot. I love the Saylins and I had written about 7 huge paragraphs telling story's and other good stuff so I am sorry. Bye

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