Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Fun week

Just to get this out there first letters take about 2 days and packages take about 5-6 days. Although it is a little inconsistent. I do get mail faster than when I was in the MTC. Which is a little strange. I have had some problems with my camera but I am going to send home a cd of all my pictures TODAY. Also we had transfers and I am going to be here another 6 weeks.

It has been hot!!! it has been 104 the majority of pros. time. It has been down to 94 during the day but I think that was only for a little while. Still not a drop of rain. So luckily it hasn't been too humid but it has been hot. Our car tells us how hot it is in the car when you first get in then it tells you how how it is outside. When I got in the car yesterday before I turned the A/C on it was 115. I feel sorry for the bike Elders who have to be out in the sun all day.

So funny story. The Espiratues are our mission doctors I might have already said that. They took us out to dinner and it was a blast. They told us many things about their lives and their family and they were great company. So funny. Here is one of the storys they told to us.

A few years ago they took two Elders out for dinner. They wanted to order virgin dakaris I think and they were laughing about it because before they joined the church they loved more fancy drinks. So the waitress thought that they were joking about it and ordered the real thing. The Espiratue's got virgin but not the Elders. These Elders have never tasted alcohol in their life. They had two huge glasses of it. One of the Elders who is usually pretty quite was getting a little tipsy. The Espiratues found out and they felt so bad. The missionaries called their mission president and he just laughed.

Elder Taufa left this week. A little sad. He worked hard his whole mission and he is excited to take the next steps in his life. He will do great out in New Zealand. I look forward to hearing from him. I took pictures before he left so you will know what he looks like.

We had a going away party for President and Sister Allred. They had no idea. The whole mission showed up. They were having transfer meeting and the rest of the mission was in the gym. There was a presentation with a slide show of them and the mission gave them huge scriptures with everyone's testimony in them. Also the Chinese Elders gave them a really cool painted Chinese character of their last name. There were some people who sang and it was amazing. Also two zones did the haka(the Tongan dance thing?) it was intense. It was just alot of fun and I got to meet lots of the missionaries. President and Sister Allred were very touched by the whole thing. She is such a sweet lady she was crying and you could tell it really meant alot to them. The mission said their goodbyes. President and Sister Saylin along with their family arrive tomorrow. I look forward to meeting them.

We went to the temple on Wednesday. The mission president gave us special permission to go with Jeff who joined the church about a year ago. It was wonderful. Right before I started having problems with my camera I got alot of pictures of the temple. It is smaller but very cool. It was a great experience.

Rosenberg is a different world. The poeple are diverse. Some areas are more country, Some more fancy, and some more ghetto. There are some areas here that are not good to go at night. It is a very different place down here. The people are very welcoming however. I have never seen more churches or more people who believe in God so strongly. The majority of people here are really conservitive as well. A big shift from Washington. Our ward is very different. The people are all from different lives. Some of the people I meet don't seem like they would exist. They seem too much like characters from a book. It is really different.

The biggest help that this mission has found in the members. Unified wards and members who are willing to find people or let the missionaries teach their friends has helped the worl so much more. The amount of people you teach who get baptized is pretty low. With members who refer people to you 1/3 of them get baptized. I have never heard either of member's friends disowning them or distancing themselves because they were taught by the missionaries. I am sure it has happened but I haven't heard of it. They have helped so much. I like too that they don't shove it in peoples faces. It is a good ward and a good area. The members work to help and the people are truly nice people. I am not saying this rant to tell anyone what to do just what this ward has done for us.

Well it would take ages to tell everything. I only get about an hour each day to do this. I love you all so much. I will send a cd with my pictures TODAY. We have time today because unlike most P-days we are not doing anything with our zone. Have a great week and send me pictures if you get the chance.


Elder Devon J. Marr

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