Friday, July 24, 2009

Workin hard or hardly workin

This week has been absolutely wonderful. The work is going wonderfully. We started teaching this couple that the Spanish missionaries refered to us. The Spanish missionaries were knocking and it was getting later. They wanted to knock on one more door so they looked in this trailer park. They felt prompted to knock on one of the trailers a few down. They knocked and a woman answered the door. She knew that her husband wouldn’t want to hear from them but asked him anyway. But he let them in. The missionaries talked to them and in their conversation in was brought up that the man has a herniated disk and is in chronic pain. He told the Elders that he had been getting very little to no sleep the past three nights and prayed every night for help. Then the next day the missionaries knock on his door. This happened last week and we have talked to him several times since then. He has been at church the past two weeks suffering through his pain to find out why God sent the missionaries to help him.
They are doing wonderfully. We are also teaching some others that are really progressing fast. Cathy is doing wonderful. She is planning on being baptized this Saturday which would be amazing. She is one of the sweetest ladies ever and I am going to stay in contact with her because she is marvelous. The work goes great.

Life has been really great in general. I have laughed harder this week as a whole than any time I can remember. For instance last night we went to the mission home for a fireside that you bring your investigators to. There were no seats for the missionaries so about 30 of us went upstairs. Scott, the thirteen year old Saylin boy, sat down and talked with a group of us. He is hilarious. We all got laughing so much. I was sad that there wasn’t a seat to listen to the meeting but I still had fun. Afterward Cathy told us that she loved it. I didn’t hear any of it but I heard from someone that listened to it that a bishop gave his conversion story. He went to President Monson years ago and told him that he would join the church if he could prove it to him. President Monson bore his testimony. Then the man joined the church. Cathy loved the spiritual stories and told us that she loves the reverence and peaceful spirit in our church.
It was great being at the mission home seeing a lot of other missionaries as well. I talked to Elder Jones (my MTC companion) for a little bit. He is doing really well. He is in the city as opposed to one of the suburbs. I don’t see him much but he loves it. One of the best things about the mission is that people who you never would be friends with you can be close to. You all have the same desires and are doing similar things all day. The amount of love you feel on your mission is awesome. Everyone is very friendly and fun. I cannot think of anyone who has come off to me as a fake or as an unfriendly person. The missionaries here aren’t jokers all the time though.
So on Saturday we had a pretty good storm. It got real windy, rained hard, and had lots of thunder and lightning. Seeing the lightning in the clouds to me is even cooler than seeing it strike the ground. The amount of sky that you can see makes it even cooler. If Elder Voeks and I are driving some were during a thunderstorm we can usually see the storm over downtown Houston easily from where we are 15-20 miles away. When a storm comes you see this huge blanket come at you and it just seems powerful when he see it coming in. Then when the storm hits it gets dark and the sky gets real dark. Then wherever you are looks completely different. I love the storms here.
This coming up week looks very good. We have some great things lined up. Sadly today however we are not doing anything with our district or zone. So hopefully I can get some letters written.
I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week. If you would like you can send me emails. I know letters cost money and emails can be much faster.

Elder Devon Joel Marr

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