Monday, April 25, 2011


I really don’t know how to approach this email......yep......... Well I guess I will just do what I always do in my emails and give yall an update.

So we had interviews this week and I saw Elder Voeks. My trainer who has been home for 15 months. Crazy A.

............I am going to miss my mission. The greatest time of my life and i have to go home. I love teaching the gospel. I love feeling the spirit. I love talking to someone on the street and testifying to them. i love talking to somebody that does not want to talk with us. I love the random people that you see and talk to, that make no sense at all. The mission is so full of inside jokes that i just can never really convey well unless you were there. I love the missionaries in this mission and for their love and support that they give to those that they teach. I love the people who I have taught out here. Even those who have not been baptized. I love the faith of so many people and for their determination to serve the Lord. I love President Saylin and for his faith and for his closeness to the Lord.

As i have done in my past emails I will do so in this email. In the words of President Monson this last conference during priesthood session. "If you have not read the Book of Mormon, then read it!" I would like to add if you have read it then to read it again and again. i have found that on my mission that when i think that I know everything about something I am only scratching the surface.

Gain a testimony of this gospel by the power of the Holy Ghost by praying and asking if these things are true! Hearken unto these words and believe in Christ. And if you don't believe in these words then believe in Christ. And if you shall believe in Christ you will believe these words. For they are the words of Christ. And they teach all men that they should do good. What can I say more? The scriptures are laid before you. Please do not rest them.

I know by the power of God that this gospel is true that the Book of Mormon is the word of Him and that Joseph Smith even though a young unlearned boy with his own struggles and problems was and is a true and holy prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that God exists and I know that Christ lives and has a resurrected body of flesh and bone. I know that we all one day will live again.

If you have any doubt of anything that I have said then that is just fine. There will always be a need for faith. But faith is not the end goal. There is a chapter in the Book of Mormon where Alma encourages everyone to try an experiment. It is in Alma 32 and i encourage all to read it. We all can plant a "seed" in our heart and see if it grows. I know that in this way we can all going a perfect knowledge after we exercise our faith.

I love you all and I sure do love my mission. For those of you preparing to go. Be worthy. If you are it doesn't matter how experienced or shy you are you will perform miracles in the lives of those you will be sent to serve. That is a promise. If you are not worthy than push back when you will be leaving and talk to your Bishop and work with him to get your spiritual life in order. If you may be reading this and leaving on a mission very very soon then be obedient to your mission president and to the white handbook even if missionaries around you are not.

I love my mission. I need to repent still of so many things and i still have changes that I am planning on making even with this one week left to serve full time. I am sorry to all of you if i have ever done anything in that past that has hurt you or if I have been a bad example to anyone. I am a new person and look forward to talking with all of you in person again.



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