Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have no time to write this email because of some other stuff that I had to print out and my email to President Saylin.

Anyways so this week I have several events to mention.

1) I went on exchanges with Elder Williams in Chinatown. It was awesome. It was a little strange and we only taught one lesson all in Chinese but I loved it. It was way different than what I normally am used to in the mission. We got along great and he was best friends with one of my past companions Elder Richardson before the mission. So we talked about him and we had both served in Broadway in the past but at different times. So we got along way good. We had a great exchange and some spiritual lessons. It was a good exchange.

2) During our exchange I received a phone call telling me that I would be going on a two day exchange on Thursday night to Saturday night. And that I would be spending two days in Pasadena North,(my area two areas ago) with Elder Richardson (who I served with there. He is still there) So it was like a flashback. It was like watching your favorite T.V. show but you have missed a season. Some of the characters are new and some are gone and some have different haircuts and beards. Any ways it was the best exchange of my mission I think. It brought back so many memories and it was great to see some of the people that I was able to teach while I was there in the area and to talk to some of the members that I had gotten close to. I don’t have time so I have to move on but this exchange alone could merit a whole page of a weekly entry.

3) While on exchanges in Pasadena i received a phone call that one of our investigators, Brother John Adams, wanted to be baptized as soon as possible. We held his baptism this past Sunday and it was a wonderful experience. I love that man with so much of my heart. He is so humble and willing to change even though he could keep going through his life living it the way that he always has. But he wants to follow the Savior and do what God has revealed to him that he needs to do. He has a strong testimony of the Savior and that the Lord has restored all of his blessings and teachings in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter0Day Saints.

This is all I have time for I am sorry that this is so short.



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