Monday, October 25, 2010

I can't come up with any other good titles

This past week was great. We did so much and had so many times that the Lord led the work. It is truly a blessing to see His hand in this work every day. He puts people in our path and lets us know what to teach and how we can help His children. There is nothing I would rather do than be a missionary. It is the best. It just feels great to be able to help these people with their problems and give them the tools they need to get out of their ruts. I love it!!!
It has been rather windy this week and it feels sooo good. It has been in the low 70's and it is perfect. Sunny sky with scattered clouds all week and plenty of wind to keep us cool. We have been on bikes to which helps. I love this weather. It is amazing. However we do need some rain soon. It hasn't rained here in about a month and a half. Before that rain it had been about a month. So really in the last 2 1/2 months it has rained once. So I miss the rain. Plus the plants need some pretty bad. It is weird to see dead grass here in Texas but I have been seeing a lot of it. The grass here is all crabgrass. It isn't that beautiful Washington grass that feels great on your bear feet. It is crabgrass on people's whole yards. It was weird when I first got here.
This week we had a lot of people show up to church. It was so cool. I just wish that they would have come last week. The week before last at church President Saylin and part of his family spoke. And this week the speakers were less than magnificent. It wasn't bad it just wasn't as great and intriguing as President Saylin's. But I am a little biased. Church went well. There were some older members who like to talk with us after sacrament meeting. So it is always hard to get to class. I like them though. They are nice guys.
Our mission President told us that we could ask him any question about the gospel and he would answer it. It has been so hard to find the ultimate question. There is so much that I have learned and so much that I still have to learn that I just have no idea what to ask. Lately in my studies I have been learning for myself the answers to some of the questions that I have and he has already enlightened me with the answers to one of my biggest questions. It has been challenging finding the ultimate question. I still don't know what it is. I hope he doesn't answer 42. (Anybody who got that joke is awesome) Anyways I just thought I should say that my mind is going crazy trying to find the ultimate question.
Anyways, the ultimate questions aside. I am having a great time this transfer. There is so much going on and so much that we still have to do. I feel like sometimes we don't have the time for everything but the Lord knows our flaws and knows that we are trying our best to do what he wants us to do. I love my mission and I am so blessed that The Lord guides Elder Richardson and I. That he literally knows me and my needs. And that he loves His children and does so many things for them. It is a miracle that even though he is running the universe and has so many things that he does he cares about each of us and leads us and gives us direction in ways that are coincidences. There are so coincidences. I have had FFFFAAAAARRRRRR tooooooo many for it to be just chance.
I love you all and I am sorry that my writing skills stink. Don't hate. I haven't been to college yet.

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