Monday, October 11, 2010

A new companion

Elder Leishman is gone. It is a little funny on the way to transfer meeting as we thought of who was going where. Nobody ever guesses what is going to happen and it always shocks everybody who is going where and with whom. So on the way to the meeting our district is deliberating about it. I said that if I could be with Elder Richardson than I would be the happiest man in the world. He was my #1 choice of the people that I knew. We told Elder Oliver that he was going to be going to League City to fill Elder Law's spot. And we told Elder Leishman that he would be with Elder Buttars. Well of it happened and I am now able to be with Elder Richardson. It reminds me of something that has blessed me my whole mission. I have not told this to many people and I have not told it to my mission president who decides prayerfully who goes where.
When I was set apart as a missionary I received a blessing. In that blessing I was told that I would love all of my companions and that I would be close with them. I have had that blessing come true on my mission. And not even that it has been hard to love my companions. They have all been great missionaries and friends that I hope I will have correspondence with after the mission. I was so thrilled to have Elder Richardson with me here in Pasadena. I wish I could have been with Elder Leishman longer but the Lord had other plans. I am so excited for this transfer and the great blessings that are coming to us. This past week has just been filled with miracles and the Lord leading us exactly where he wants us to be and when he wants us to be there. We have so much work to do this week and I am so blessed. Between today and tomorrow we have 14 scheduled appointments that are pretty legit and we have more later in the week. Hopefully the pace will not slow down but keep picking up. People are very interested in this area and are willing to listen and to change.
Elder Costa talked about that a little bit when he came to visit with our missions. He said that he does as much missionary work as he can when he is away from Utah. He says that he almost always shakes a persons hand and asks if they are a member. They then usually say "no" and he says "why not?" He told us a lot about how easy it is to talk with people in the U.S. People do just want to talk about the gospel and talk about God. I have seen it a lot in this area. There are so many people in our area that we have MANY people that we are teaching. i haven't taught this many people my whole mission. I am loving it! I love when people actually want to listen to you and your area just builds and builds and builds. The best part is that this ward has two sets of missionaries so they are having many new members join this year. It is exciting. Our mission is doing far better that it has in the past as well. We had 50 baptisms last month and many more planed for this month. It is pretty cool.
Sorry this email will be short this week but it is Columbus day so it is packed with youth on computers and I don't have a ton of time. I love you all and I hope that you have a good week. I love my mission and ever minute of it. I love you all and I will keep doing my best. Let me know how life is with you. I know that I do not send very many/ any letters but I would if I had time. I am hopefully buying a piece so that I can use an electric typewriter which would help in sending more letters.
talk to yall later! Love,

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