Monday, June 14, 2010


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY / LATE HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FOR MAMA & PAPA ! Whenever holidays come up it is a little sad to be away from home. Of coarse I would not leave the mission field if I was allowed to but there are times that I miss being around family events and for being able to see family. Especially things like Mother's or Father's day. I love my Papa so much. My father has been one of the greatest influences in my life. He has shown me an example to follow and parented us kids very well. He is someone that I feel loves me unconditionally. I can see a glimpse of the Savior's love for me when my parents show their love for me. I would not be what I am today without the love and care and friendship of my father. Also I wish to say happy father's day to all of those father's or perspective father's our there.

This week was a rather slow one. We have been having some great lessons and we have been having things happen but the amount of people we are teaching on a consistent basis is getting smaller. We are coming up with some ways to find some new people to teach and how we can do better. The town isn't too big. So you have to take a different approach in missionary work. It is interesting though. I love this area.

This week we caught a HUGE roach. I took pictures and I will send them home in a while. I just can't believe we were able to catch it. It is so big. We didn't keep it as a pet though so you don't have to worry. We were too scared it was going to get out and be running around our apartment.

It's been hot. 89-92. It is not that fun. You are always sweating when outside. It is strange to hear that it is so cool and not summer like in Washington. Also I heard that it snowed in May in Utah. It doesn't feel like that could ever happen. The weather here is sooo hot. Like I always say. I am lucky to be on a bike. Especially in a big country area like Bay City. I really don't know how big my area is. We have a ton of small towns but not one big map. So it has to be pretty huge.

Also Zone Meeting was this week. I was able to see ELDER JENSEN ,my last companion, at the meeting. He is training and doing well. He was way excited to see ELDER HANSEN and I. Also ELDER PEREZ and ELDER RICHARDS were with him and it was good seeing them. I am sorry this is so boring. I am always at a loss of what to say in my emails.

Some of the people we are teaching are the Ruiz family. They are members who have been coming back to church the past few months. They are a great family with a lot of love. All of their kids are mature and hard working. It is great to see a family of hard workers and people with their heads on straight. I love teaching them and being their friends. That is something that I love about missionary work. You naturally become friends with those you teach. It is cool and so easy because it starts off that you are just sharing the gospel with them because you care about them then it turns into a trusting relationship. I will never forget the people that I have taught and the impact that they have made on my life. That is the roughest thing about a new area. You leave those friends behind and have to start all over again. But that is the way the Lord wants it. I love the gospel so much!!! I have seen so many evidences of the gospel in my life that I cannot deny that it is true. On top of that any time you follow a new commandment or try to be better you are happier and you can see the blessings in your life. I love that the true gospel is something that you can prove to yourself through the first step of faith. Just like Alma 32 says. If you try it you will see.

That's about all that I have. I love you all and have a great Father's Day.



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