Monday, November 2, 2009


Transfer calls were this morning!!! I"M GETTING TRANSFERRED Ahhhhh!!!!! I am excited to get to my new area. However I am sad that I will be leaving Rosenberg, Elder Garcia, and all of the awesome missionaries in our zone. I have had a lot of great memories made in Rosenberg, Especially this past week. Life is so good right now. I will try to express a lot of stuff that happened this week. IT was a good week indeed. I have an idea of where I am being transferred.

Our mission absorbed a few areas from the Houston Texas Mission. So we have 9 new missionaries. Some of these missionaries are not accustom to the way that our mission does things and some of the different things that we do apart from other missions or the special inspired trainings that we have received on teaching certain parts of the gospel. So I feel that I am going to be sent into one of these areas to work with one of the new missionaries. I truly have no idea but I am excited to go somewhere were I will be stretched more than I already am. The Lord knows what is best and wherever I go is where he wants me to go.

So I received a call on Saturday from Elder Voeks. He called to wish me a late happy 6 months. I was under the impression that your six month mark is six months from the time you set foot in the mission. I felt like a looser. Anyways I HAVE BEEN OUT FOR SIX MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is crazy I still feel like I just got out here. I am a quarter into my mission. WOW. Time doesn’t exist out here at all. I also want to wish everyone a happy HALLOWEEN!!! I forgot to buy cards and stuff so I am sorry about that. I haven’t written letters in a while and I am sorry for not writing back to the great letters that I receive. I am sending pictures home this week. Our district is taking pictures today and we have our money replenished today. Wow six months.

So great news. One of our investigators is getting baptized this Saturday!! I hope that my new area isn’t too far away from here so I can be there. I am so excited. Her name is Sandra Segrin and she has been getting taught for a few months. She gained a testimony early and has been studying the church and reading her scriptures and giving things up so that she can be baptized. I am so proud of her and how her life is going to be blessed forever because of the decisions that she has made and the covenant that she is about to make. I will send home pictures of her baptism if I am there or not. She is a great lady and she is always very positive and looks for the good things in life.

We moved some things into Cathy’s apartment this week that her friend gave her. She gave her an “L” couch that is really nice a really nice bed and covers and on top of all of this she is giving her a laptop. Cathy is so sweet and is so filled with charity that she had a hard time excepting her friend’s gifts and kindness. It makes me happy to see people who care about others above themselves. I don’t think that Cathy has one thing about her that is bad except that she smokes. And she is trying to quit and get over them forever.

The past few days Elder Manning and Elder Sorenson, our zone leaders, have been living with us. It has been so good with them. Because of new church-wide protocol there will be no more 4 man apartments so this was a taste of what that would be like for a few days. They are both great. We stayed up late telling stories and stuff on Halloween. Also we played games over at the Spanish Elder’s apartment. On Halloween you have to be in your apartment by 6:00. If you were out knocking doors especially people might think that you have a really good Mormon missionary costume. Halloween night Elder Garcia dressed up as captain Kirk and I couldn’t find anything to be so I took my tag off and was a Jehovah’s Witness. There are a lot of Jehovah Witnesses around here. Whenever we go knocking I would say 70% of the people think that we are Jehovah’s witnesses.

(RANDOM) The zone leaders moved out this morning into a member’s home in Richmond. It is a cool old country style home. They are going to like it there.

On P-day last week we carved pumpkins. I did the same one I did last year. But Elder Leichman is a really good artist so he drew out then carved the first vision. It was awesome. We had fun as a zone. Elder Voeks kept bringing up his theory on were the Book of Mormon took place. I am convinced of his theory. It is hard to explain over emails but when I get home you can attack me on my theory on where it all took place. I would say that this theory has the best chance of being the location. If you want to investigate the theory more than look for a Joseph Smith quote on what the west sea referred to by the Nephites is. Anyways enough with the random theories and unimportant stuff.

I am very excited for my new area and the people that I will meet and teach there. I love you all and I will be giving a good update on my new area and companion in my next email. I love you all and have a wonderful and blessed day.


Elder Devon Joel Marr

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