Monday, October 26, 2009


This week has been very good. We have not had a lot of teaching appointments but the people we have been teaching have been blessed a lot. Just to let everyone know until further notice send letters to 4627 Austin Pkwy, Sugar Land, TX 77479. I will most likely be transferred not this Wednesday but the Wednesday after. I will miss Rosenberg but who knows I might stay but from what President Saylin told me it sounds like I am going to a different area.

So this week I will start from the beginning. Our district went to Brazos Bend state park on P-day. It was a lot of fun. They have alligators there and lots of wildlife. There were some huge spiders that looked awesome. I am going to send home some pictures this week with those included as well as some other pictures. It was a lot of fun. We also had interviews this week. I love talking with President Saylin. He is great and he gave me some good council on the work. A Needville area is opening in 3 transfers. So it will be a while but we are getting information together with members who live there and so on. If I never mentioned Needville before it is a small country town in the bottom of our area.

We are teaching a family and they are doing great. They continue to progress and come to church. They are really nice people and they are so willing to change. It is a wonder to see the faith and diligence of the people that we talk to. I know some people who have been through a lot of stuff.
It strengthens my faith to see the hope in other people’s eyes even though everything is going wrong for them. It lets you appreciate and find joy in what you already have.

Our ward had a big activity on Saturday. The activity was cooking without electricity. Being Texas people brought smokers and huge BBQ stuff. The food was sooooooo good. I am going to buy a smoker when I get home. The food here is really good. I was not a huge fan of BBQ until I had the BBQ that they do down here. They make it good. Most of the ward showed up and it was a great opportunity to talk to the members and for the members to get to know each other a little more.

On Sunday we had our primary program. It was pretty good/funny. There was one kid who sang really loud but really monotone. A lot of people were giggling at times about it because when the kids would walk up to say there little sentence some of them were really awkward and shy. It was a good program and our investigators who came to church loved it.

The weather today is CRAZY!!! It has been raining extremely hard and our car almost flooded trying to get out of our parking area. Also it is really dark today. Luckily we went to the state park last week and not this week. As I sit here typing this email my shoes are soaked also the front side of my pants are soaked. Well I am sorry that this email is so short. BTW the investigator who went to jail is home safe and sound. I don’t know if I talked about that last week so if I didn’t then let me know. I love you all and I wish the best of luck to all of you in your lives.


Elder Devon Joel Marr

P.S. Name that song

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