Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My new companion is Elder Garcia. He is awesome. He was in the Memorial area which was in my zone so I know him a little. He is a cool guy. Of anyone I could have picked out of those I knoew could be my companions he is the one. He is an awesome Elder. He has a strong testimony and has alot of love for others. He is 26 and is the youngest of 6. He is a great Elder to work with and helps get the job done.
It was sad to see Elder Voeks go. Luckily he is in my zone so I get to see him at least once a week. He is with an Elder that has been out one transfer. Last I heard from Elder Voeks he is having a great time and loves it up there. It is sad for him to be gone. He is one of my best friends and I know that he and I will be close even after the mission.
We got to go to the cheesecake factory on Wednesday. It was sooooo good. We went to say goodbye to some people who were leaving. Sis. Burke from the Spanish branch left. She was really cool and a good friend. It was a sad but good week. It is stange how sometimes that happens.
Elder Voeks and I (before he left) got permission to give Cathy’s mom a blessing up in the city. Her mom has come a long way and can speak now and is fully alert. Cathy was told that her mother had less than a 50% chance to live and even then she would lose 70% of her brain function or be a vegetable for lack of a better term. But thanks to Elder Voeks and Elder Schwarz her mother received a blessing when she was in the ER. Now Cathy’s mom can talk and has a normal functioning brain. She understands things and can communicate everything. All thanks to Elder Voeks and Elder Schwarz being worthy and following the spirit in were to be.
This week besides transfers has not been too eventful. We have been trying to contact referrals. Mostly people who call in to order something when they see a church commercial or advertisement on the computer. We have a lot that we are unsure if they have been contacted or not. So we have been driving like crazy trying to contact them. It has been really busy. I do say that my letter writing has not been tended to in a while. With transfers, cleaning the apartment (it looks completely different now) and the work itself I have had very or closer to no spare time. I am sorry everyone for not writing. I love you all and I hope that you understand.
The good news is that some people are turning around. Tony who we has to drop a while back we have re-contacted and he was at church this past Sunday. Also we had one of the best sacrament talks ever. The Bishop got up and just spoke not even any notes. He talked about unity, love, friendship, and excepting callings. Our ward to be honest is not very unified. But the Bishop is all for a unified ward. The amount of love that he has for others I do not see myself obtaining for quite some time. He is a kind and loving man who wants to see others blessed. This week I realized how blessed I really am. Not by any special experiences but by recognizing what I have and giving thanks. I am closer to the Lord than I have ever been before. I have had an interesting week. But the Lord gives comfort and strength. I also discovered again that the more you give the more you receive. The message that I am out here to share is true. And since that is the case I do not understand why people don’t focus on it more that already have it. I have only this week fully realized how truly important this work is and what it means to the world. I have met many types of people. I have NEVER seen the restored gospel curse or bring someone down. Satan might throw a huge obstacle in their way or a large trial. But if they can get past that trial than I have never seen someone not improve or grow. These are the miracles that I get to see in other peoples’ lives. And to be a part of that is the largest blessing I have ever received. Because I help these people the Lord has blessed me beyond what I have ever imagined. All that living this gospel does to you is improve you and help you grow in every aspect of your life. I have seen it in others lives and in my own.
Elder Devon Joel Marr

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