Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mission Week 2

Hello all. This week was interesting. Everything was pretty normal mission I am told. So basically amazing. Life is going well. We are successful and the mission as a whole is doing amazing. The weather has also been perfect. It hasn't been nasty hot. It is about as hot as a summer day in Washington. The sky is always beautiful. I am so glad to be here.
Every week we sing or play bingo at the retirement home. This week one of the days we sang. Our companionship and two other companionships sing and direct and help with bingo. The ladies at the retirement home were not so nice this week. There was one in particular that kept talking really loudly about how she didn't like one of the sisters. One of the funniest parts was when Elder Voeks called out what song we were going to sing and the one lady said; "We don't have time for that!" We had a half hour left and the song was "love one another." It was so funny. Bingo was good. The one lady doesn't play bingo so everyone gets along pretty well.
This week has been full of great experiences. Except Elder Voeks got sick. His throat got infected so he was put on medication yesterday. We haven't been able to get much done the past few days because of him being sick. I am glad he is getting better though. He was so mad when the doctor for the mission told him to stay home even though he felt like poo.
We had a ward carnival on Friday. We had a ton of people there and an investigator with her family. It was great. I had alot of fun. The ward is great and I love the people. The couples are mostly pretty young about late twenties to mid thirties. They are all very nice and very loving toward the missionaries. We get lots of referrals from the ward members which is great. It shows that they really like us and trust us. It is a great ward.
For those of you who are still reading I want to tell you about the houses here. Living in the surrounding Houston, Texas area and towns is cheap. To add on to this the general income for a family here is pretty high. Now add on very low cost houses. The houses here are dream homes. I have seen too many homes to count that I dream o f living in. I have been into about 6 houses on my mission. This is not counting apartments. Three of them in particular are astonishing. A house that we went to yesturday has a stone archway above the door. The door is about 2 ft. taller and a little wider. Inside of the home are beautiful decorations and is built wonderfully. The nicer houses here are all different but follow the same theme. Because the housing is so cheap people can really decorate how they want. Most people decorate their homes wonderfully. The homes that I have seen here are perfect. They are not too big or too small.
I apologize if I got a little worldly or wasted time in this email. You just have to know about the homes here. I am so happy to be on my mission and to be here. I miss all of you however and I hope that you all are having a wonderful time. The harder you work the happier you will be.

Love yall,

Elder Devon Marr

P.S. Mail to this adress instead of the other one. They will get to me alot faster.

1217 westwood dr.
#1812 Rosenberg, TX 77471

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