Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy Week

Dear family, friends, and readers,

This week was very busy. Elder Voeks and I had much to do and many people to see. Just to get this out there right now I am sorry that I have not sent my memory card home. I will make sure I will do it this week. Last week was so busy that any time not working was spent studying for two different talks.
First I believe on Tuesday Elder Voeks and I spoke at a funeral. Actually I don't remember if that was this week or last week. If it was this week here is the explanation. We were asked to speak at the funeral of a lady who we never met. Her daughters are almost all members that Elder Voeks has met a few times. It was a little awkward. We were asked to speak on the plan of salvation. Our teaching went well but it was still a little strange.
Second was a fireside. Elder Voeks and I have been working on a fireside ever since I arrived here. We tried to make it the best we possibly could with a powerpoint presentation and videos. It was on the Book of Mormon and was a sort of introduction to it. We invited members, less actives, recent converts, and investigators. We also invited missionaries from other areas to bring their investigators and such. The fireside consisted of two talks, an explanation for the Book of Mormon, and testimonies. The videos didn't work but everything else worked out perfectly. President and Sister Alred gave there testimonies and attended so that was great. At the end one of our investigators who I love so much gave her testimony before the closing prayer. It was so powerful and she is so great I can't wait till I can tell you everything about her but it would take far too long. This was Cathy if I have spoken of her before. The fireside went great and Elder Voeks was very relieved.
There is another experience which we had but it would take far too long to explain so next week I will be sending two emails one having the full account of what happened.
This week was wonderful. Life goes extremely well. The only thing that is a pain is that letters take about 8 days to get to me. I wish they would get here faster. To end I apologize to those who have written me who have not been written back. I will try my best this week to get those letters out. I am so glad that we get to send out an email. This would take ages to write.

Elder Marr

P.S. I am sorry my emails are so long and sporadic. Good luck this week!

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