Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First week in the mission field

I love my mission!!! We flew in and it was a rather hot day. We separated with the assistants to the mission president and went "running." That is when you go and talk to people and talk to as many as possible right when you arrive in the field. It was awesome. Then we went to the mission home and it is great there. Anyway so my trainer is Elder Voeks. He is a pretty cool guy. He has been in this area for over 6 months which is rather unusual. Anyway we have alot in common. He likes almost all of the things that I do. He is good trainer as well. He works very hard and has shown me many things. The people are generally nice. The culture is much different than I thought. We are in Rosenberg which is about 45min- an hour south of Houston. It is beautiful. The sky is pretty, the grass is very green, and the trees are huge and pretty. Things do feel a little trashy in some areas but the plant life is great.
Some of the cultures here a little sad to be around. Especially the ghetto areas. The way they are raised and the background they come from really shows that alot of it they are raised into and it takes so much courage to brake the cycle of their society and culture.
Some of our investigators come from these backgrounds. I tell ya I cannot judge others ever again. They are the strongest and most courageous people I have ever met. They shine in there surroundings and even though their lives are terrible they do not give up. It makes me feel like all of the times I have felt like my life is so hard makes me a baby. The things that one of our investigators went through in particular are shocking. Her life story and faith is greater than one of the conversion stories you hear about in conference or the Ensign. She is a marvelous person and builds my faith so much.
I love my mission. It is the greatest thing that I have ever chosen to do. I am stongly looking forward to the rest of my mission. Honestly if I knocked on a million doors and tought a million lessons and they all rejected me I would be happy, because of how many wonderful experiences I have had and the people I have met.
I'm sorry if these emails are so long but I can type alot faster than I can write. Plus I like rambling. Anyway life is good. The heat isn't actually that bad unless you are trying to sleep. Everywhere has air conditioning so it is pretty cool alot of the time. I will make sure to send home my memory card some time this week or next week so that you can all have some pictures. Well I hope that you all have a wonderful week. My P-days are Monday for those of you who are wondering but the library was closed yesterday for Memorial Day. Talk to ya next week.

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