Monday, March 21, 2011

The Whittling and Whistling Brigade

One of my close missionary friends leaves today. I will get to see him at the mission home though. His name is Elder Hall and if there are any ladies looking for a good man to marry in Las Vegas send me a letter and I will give you his info. :) Anyways I am going to miss him. He knows a lot about the gospel and we have had some really great conversations with each other and he was a great district leader back in PASADENA.

This week went well. We have a lot to do and a lot of people to follow up with. Our stake had a trek this week in east Texas. They all dressed up like pioneers and pulled handcarts. Elders Stevenette, Harris, Bellomy, Peterson, Moreno and I all put on a skit for the trek. We were asked to do it by President Saylin. He read a story about a group of kids that would scare people out of town as mobbers or people up to no good would wander into Nauvoo. Then we acted it out. I have to say that it was one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life that I know I can look back on and get a good laugh. Sadly there were pictures taken. Which means there is evidence of this for other missionaries to see. I know that the picture is going to wind up being framed in the mission office or something. So funny.

Anyways, we taught a lot of people this past week and have a lot of things coming up. We are teaching a lot of great people. We have grown really close to some of those in this ward and also to our investigators.

This week is transfer week and for the first real time in my mission our entire district of 6 missionaries is staying the same. Elder Breeze and Elder Thomson, our zone leaders, told us that they have never seen this happen before. Especially with a district of 6. Most of my districts have been 4. Anyways, I am really excited for this coming transfer. 6 more weeks of greatness. There is a lot that I want to accomplish and do. There are a lot of people that I can still help and lead closer to the Savior. Including me. Thank you all for everything that you do and remember to share the gospel with your friends and family. Help someone come back to church or read the Book of Mormon or meet with the missionaries. I love you all and have a great week. Sorry this is so short. Keep doing well.



P.S. I have another challenge for yall. It is not as important or spiritual as my past challenge about reading the whole Book of Mormon beofre I get home. BUt I challenge everyone even though I am goign to be home in one transfer to send me a letter. Every single one of you. This way i can have at least one final letter on my mission from all of you. BUt I have one requirement. No mentioning how soon I will be coming home or how little time is left until you can see me. If you are someone who has been reading these emials and have never met me. Send me a letter anyways.

4010 Indian Point dr.
Missouri City, TX



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